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On-demand mining course

The Future of Process Automation

PD Hours
On-demand mining course

The Future of Process Automation

PD Hours

Learn about the role control systems play in the transformation of your business.


Quick facts

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7 hours
100% online
Available year round
Up to 7


Course overview

This on-demand course discusses the rapid developments in control systems along with how they are becoming digital transformation enablers in the minerals processing industry. Control systems are the nerve centre of a minerals processing operation and key to a successful digital transformation. There have been radical changes in digital technology over the last few years, with the wide deployment of AI and the increasing use of cloud, edge and smart sensing technologies. There has also been a lot of hype, but one thing that has remained constant is that control systems are evolving rapidly to realise the real benefits these new technologies can provide.

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Course pricing

*Associate grade membership - for professionals with less than 5 years’ experience in the resources sector.
Price is inclusive of 10% GST
Associate membership* and enrolment bundle
Price is inclusive of 10% GST
Price is inclusive of 10% GST

Enrolments now open

Available year round

Who should attend?

Mine managers
Understand control systems

Process engineers
Learn best practice to design effective systems

Control systems engineers
Transform business practices


Learning objectives

By undertaking this on-demand course you can expect to learn what a control system is, the types of systems available and the best choice for your application. You will also learn how to:

  • Design a control system to meet the requirements of your process
  • Specify control system requirements for an RFQ
  • Build a robust control strategy to optimise production
  • Create an environment where operators can carry out their work efficiently, with full and unambiguous information, enabling timely and effective decision making
  • Improve operation efficiency using AI technologies



  • Deploy edge devices as part of an IoT platform that builds on your digital transformation strategy
  • Develop an understanding of edge device functionality in order to create solutions to your asset and process problems
  • Select the right cloud environment for your requirements, and apply it to typical site issues and requirements
  • Specify control system requirements to meet the needs of your plant
  • Provide flexibility in the RFQ to allow latest technologies to be provided
  • Successfully deploy a complete AI solution on your plant


Course structure 

This on-demand, self-paced course is delivered via a series of videos, supported by a number of written resources. A range of activities is included to apply your learning as you work your way through the course. We recommend allowing around 7 hours to complete the course, but you will have access to the platform for six months.


Module 1

A guide to control systems

Module 2

Using the control system

Module 3

Industrial AI and IoT

Module 4

Deploying Industrial AI and IoT

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The Future of Process Automation

Course facilitators

All programs have been developed in consultation with leading organisations in the mining industry, subject matter experts and community leaders to ensure you gain the latest knowledge and develop relevant skills to accelerate your career.

David Walker

Chief Engineer, Yokogawa Australia
David Walker is a chemical engineer with over 30 years’ experience in control systems across a wide range of technologies and industries including oil and gas, water and waste, mining, power and chemicals. In mining, David has been involved in a range of minerals processing projects, particularly in gold, copper and nickel processing applications. David has worked in many aspects of the business including engineering management, systems engineering, project management, training, and research and development, including a secondment to Yokogawa in Japan to work in the development team of their edge devices. Currently David is Chief Engineer for Yokogawa Australia and provides project execution management and advanced solutions technology support and consultation.

Frequently asked questions

The course will be run entirely online via a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) which can be accessed via computer, tablet or phone. Participants will simply need to have a working Internet connection and a computer, tablet or phone with sound to access the course.

The full course is estimated to take about 7 hours of learning. Participants will have access to the course platform for six months to complete all modules.

At the moment, the course will only be delivered in English. 

No pre-qualification needed but the course is aimed at mining professionals who have a certain level of working experience and knowledge.

Participants can earn professional development (PD) hours for undertaking the course. One contact hour of technical content is equivalent to one PD hour.

Terms and Conditions

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Privacy Collection Statement

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