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Invitation to Join Central Victoria Branch Committee

Central Victoria Branch
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The Central Victoria Branch is looking for new committee members to play a guiding role in its activities that aim to support the members of the Mineral Industry, and are seeking expressions of interest for committee membership in 2021.

The Central Victoria Branch is dedicated to providing networking and professional development opportunities for its members. Each year the committee organises technical talks, workshops, and day-long seminars on a multitude of topics. New ideas, approaches and topics are always welcomed as we continue to meet the challenges of the times.

No matter your experience, the Committee is a great chance to expand your skills and contacts outside of the office. It provides opportunities to network within the Branch, liaise directly with industry groups, to be involved with the organizing and running of events, and polish your technical and leadership skills. There is always a rewarding challenge available.

The current composition of the Committee represents multiple disciplines, experience levels and includes consultancies and current mining operations.
However, the Committee always aims for more diverse representation and skill sets. For example, the Committee would like to hear from engineers and women in mining so that they could be better represented in the tailoring of events. Digital events and hybrid events are also currently a major focus for the Branch and so we appreciate anyone with skills in digital events coming forward to assist.

The Committee is a volunteer group, with access to formal support from the AusIMM Management Team. As part of the Committee, you would be required to participate in a majority of monthly Committee meetings (~11 a year) hosted both digitally and/or ~quarterly in person. Participation in crafting and accomplishing the calendar of events in an integral part of the committee function and the Committee will welcome your proposals and drive to do so.

To learn more or put your name forward, please email or attend the Annual General Meeting on Monday the 22nd of February at Henry of Harcourt (Harcourt, Vic.)

For more information and to register click here.

The Committee looks forward to hearing from you.

Joshua Greene,
Chair, The AusIMM Central Vic Branch
The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (The AusIMM)
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