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2024-2026 Election of Directors to the AusIMM Board

2024-2026 Election of Directors to the AusIMM Board

The election of Directors to the AusIMM Board for the period of 2024-2026 is now open and will close on Wednesday 4 October 2023 5:00 pm AEDT.

Candidate profiles, voting information and a link to the online ballot for the election was emailed to voting members (AusIMM Honorary Fellows, Fellows, Members and Associates) from the secure Big Pulse voting platform.

There are three Board Directors to be elected for the period of 2024-2026. We invite you to consider the eight candidates and their statements below, to ensure you can make an informed decision for your vote.

The elected Board Directors will join the President and the current ongoing AusIMM Directors. Their profiles are available here.

We encourage all eligible AusIMM members to participate as it’s important that members exercise their right to vote and have a say in the future composition of the AusIMM Board.

Candidates and their statements 

Name Post nomimals
John Vagenas FAusIMM
Michelle Lawson FAusIMM
Andrew Hulme MAusIMM
Joanne Heyes FAusIMM
Chris Greet FAusIMM(CP)
Mark Noppe* FAusIMM(CP)
John Landmark FAusIMM
Jon Robbeson FAusIMM(CP)

*Director seeking re-election for a second term

John Vagenas, FAusIMM

I am a process engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the mining and minerals industry and I contribute my expertise in metallurgy, digital technology, and sustainability compliance. I have a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) in Industrial Chemistry from UNSW, and I am the founder and Managing Director of three prominent industry organisations: Elemental Engineering, Metallurgical Systems, and Industrial Sustainability Solutions. I work closely with the owners and operators of several international mining organisations, and our process digital twin software is used in 9 countries and in 4 languages. I am passionate about improving the efficiency, performance, and longevity of the mining and metals sector.

I am a Fellow of the AusIMM having joined in 2008, and I currently serve as an alternate director of Austmine since 2019. I contribute to a range of industry events, including AusIMM’s thought-leadership series, actively contribute to AusIMM’s Bulletin publication writing articles, newsletter content and hosting webinars.

As a board member of AusIMM, I would contribute deep and practical expertise in technology/digital transformation; sustainability and ESG compliance; and recruitment/retention of talent.

As the mining sector moves into Industry 4.0, and digital transformation becomes increasingly vital, I can provide AusIMM with in-depth technical expertise to help determine recommendations and policy.

Additionally, I can contribute a deep understanding of the mining sector’s growing environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) challenges. I have experience in implementing solutions, helping some of the world’s largest organisations mitigate their environmental impact, set and realise decarbonisation targets, and to comply with new sustainability requirements/frameworks.

I believe strongly in the development of our resources professionals and can contribute hands on experience to the AusIMM in attracting and retaining new and diverse talent.

I have experience developing internships programs, and sponsoring industry mentoring and training programs, to further upskill mining and minerals professionals.

Michelle Lawson, FAusIMM

With my deep understanding of the resources industry, passion for genuine leadership, diversity of thought, responsible ESG practices, and business growth, I strive to make a meaningful contribution to AusIMM's success and enhancing member value. As a Board Director, I will leverage my extensive commercial and board experience, diverse skillset, and unwavering commitment to provide insightful guidance and strategic advice on key issues, advocating for the interests of members.

Having held financial and commercial leadership positions across the mining industry, I bring a strong operational lens and commercial acumen, covering entire project life cycle from concept to operations and rehabilitation. Furthermore, my unique combination of analytical thinking and artistic expression as an award-winning artist, allows me to approach challenges with creativity and from multiple angles, offering innovative solutions and fresh insights to the organisation.

Amidst increasing scrutiny and talent attraction challenges facing the industry, my experience in engaging with diverse stakeholders, internal and external, and regionally, becomes invaluable. I understand the intricacies of navigating regulatory environments and building robust relationships. Additionally, I’m committed to developing the next generation of industry leaders and driving sustainable practices aligned with social license and governance goals.

My active contributions to AusIMM, including chairing the WIMnet NSW Committee and participating in mentoring programs, conferences, and Congress, reflect my dedication to advancing diversity, professional development, and authentic leadership within the resources sector. I support the direction of AusIMM and the strides to enhance its position as the trusted voice for industry professionals, as well as, ensuring strong financial performance, effective risk management, and robust governance processes.

Together, we have the power to create a significant impact on the resources sector by nurturing future leaders and shaping a sustainable, inclusive future. Let us forge ahead, driving positive change and maximising the value AusIMM delivers to its members.

Andrew Hulme, MAusIMM

I believe through qualifications and site experience as a mining engineer from both client and contractor perspectives, I can add value to the board team in both the strategic direction as well as practical efforts in pursuit. I am in a position in my career as an independent consultant and other undertakings to be able to commit the time required and feel strongly to contribute to the industry for which I am very grateful.
I would like to contribute most aligned to my passions:

  • Advancing risk and safety understanding
  • Diversity actions within the industry (with a focus on gender, but all areas).
  • Education, assisting in addressing the perception of the mining industry in schools, universities and other industries.
  • Understanding and making data useful (including technology and digitalisation) within our community.
  • Understanding pathways to combat the cycles of investment and employment so that our industry is not weakened through them.

The AUSIMM purpose, whilst personally resonating, feels reversed. I am a very people focused person and therefore feel the personal aspects should be at the core of the purpose. This is especially relevant as the industry relies on and is most vulnerable to people. Whilst strongly advocating for the advancement of minerals knowledge and capability, this will flourish with engagement.

I’m motivated by the Strategic Framework and Imperatives with a focus on engagement. I see this as an important foundation to address the crisis being experienced with industry perception. This is then amplifying our inability to attract and retain people within the industry. It would be interesting to see a strategic imperative aligned with the value of innovation, as this may become critical in a time where change rate is ever increasing and where we are “drowning in information (substitute data) and starved of knowledge (substitute insight)” (John Naisbitt, 1982).

Joanne Heyes, FAusIMM

I am a values driven leader with over 25 years resources industry experience. My technical and operational foundations as a Mining Engineer are augmented by deep expertise in sustainability challenges (mine closure), and more recently in the strategic leadership of technical capabilities that are critical for the future of our industry.

I have been an active member of AusIMM since 2010, serving on the Sustainability Committee (2013 – 2015), subsequently leading the Social and Environment Society (Chair / Vice Chair 2016-2019). Since 2018, I have been a member of the AusIMM Awards committee.

As BHP Global Closure Practice Lead, I developed strong strategic and governance skills, including experience interacting directly with Boards, annual reports, group audits and peer reviews.

The desired “education / course design” skills that the Board seek are well aligned with my role as BHP Global Practice Lead Technical Capability. I have designed and delivered a 1st Year university intern program, focused on demystifying mining and demonstrating the criticality of the industry in the energy transition. This innovative approach has successfully influenced over 90% of participants to progress careers in the industry.

I have experience working with member-based organisations, holding the Chair of the ICMM Closure Working group, a member of the Minerals Council of Australia Workforce and Innovation Committee, a member of the Minerals Research Institute of WA Grant Assessment Panel and the Chair of the BHP Curtin University Alliance steering committee. In all these interactions, I have been able to connect my experience with my passion to inspire and develop a strong, technically integrated and values driven workforce to shape the future of a sustainable resources sector.

Chris Greet, FAusIMM(CP)

I am a metallurgical engineer with a PhD in Flotation Chemistry and have worked in the minerals sector for the past 30 years. My experiences as a Trainee Metallurgist working in some of the most challenging and complex deposits, instilled in me a passion and curiosity to uncover the root cause of why things happen. This inspired me to obtain a Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering at the SAIT and a PhD at the Ian Wark Research Institute. I have worked as a Plant Metallurgist at Ok Tedi and held Senior Research Metallurgist roles with Pasminco and Mount Isa Mines.

In 2003 I joined Magotteaux as the Manager Mineral Processing Research. This is a global role that has me problem solving and working with a wide variety of mining companies and a diverse group of mineral processors and disciplines. My role has also enabled me to mentor many new professionals and write many technical papers, publications and technical presentations.

My experience has afforded me an understanding of the state of the sector and what the AusIMM could do to assist the industry’s future workforce in their professional and personal development. I feel it is the AusIMM’s purpose and responsibility to deliver on its Royal Charter and provide benefits to the communities in which we operate. This is achieved through the provision of opportunities for members to improve their knowledge, understanding and capabilities in a meaningful, and stimulating way. I am experienced in the development of strategy, good governance, ESG principles and social responsibility. I am also passionate about professional and ethical standards and believe that AusIMM should be taking a real leadership role in this area in an engaging, evolving and contemporary way.

Mark Noppe, MAusIMM(CP)

As an AusIMM member since 1998 and Director since 2021 I have been involved in AusIMM Board, branch, society, conference / workshop and Awards committees. I support professional development and standards through mentoring programs, papers, presentations and training at conferences and online platforms, including facilitation of the AusIMM online JORC Code reporting course. A Fellow and Chartered Professional (Geoscience), my contribution in the consulting sector was recognised with the AusIMM Charles Marshall Professional Excellence Award in 2019.

I have also held Board roles with consulting companies since 2009 including the global SRK Consulting group and several SRK Consulting entities. I am now Director of a research centre at The University of Queensland.

I am seeking to continue my contribution to the Board and AusIMM members through my broad industry and professional services experience, contracting and governance exposure, familiarity with marketing and professional development activities, and my interpersonal and communication skills.

John Landmark, FAusIMM

My professional qualifications are as a mining and exploration geologist, however my career has expanded well beyond this. My working life includes roles in corporate affairs, human resources, organisational design, exploration geology, mining operations, safety, and transformation. I have extensive experience, both in Australia and internationally, in a diverse range of executive leadership, technical and advisory roles. I also have a successful track record taking on challenging change-management assignments at an operational level, regional scale and through to leading a global organization-wide safety and risk management transformation process.

My professional qualifications and affiliations include:
• MSc (Exploration and Mining Geology), James Cook University Australia, 1995
• BSc Hons (Geology), University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, 1985
• Graduate of Australian Institute of Company Directors
• Fellow of Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
• Member of Society of Economic Geologists

With 35 years as a Member (and now Fellow) of the AusIMM, and currently in an executive role in the Australian gold mining industry, it is time to be more involved in the Institute and contribute where I can to its Board.

Over the last 3 years I have participated in the WIM Mentoring programs in Victoria and AusIMM Mentoring Program. I have been a consistent advocate and supporter for Diversity and Inclusion focused initiatives and programs throughout my career. Should I be successful in my nomination to the AusIMM Board, I feel that I could offer material insights and contributions to:

  • Promoting the relevance of the AusIMM in the modern Australian and international minerals industry.
    Offer a hands-on perspective to proposed strategic initiatives, in particular in areas of Risk, Safety, Community Partnerships and Indigenous Relations.
    Supporting and enhancing a range of D&I initiatives, including Mentoring and WIM programs.

Jonathan Robbeson, FAusIMM

I represent the AusIMM Sydney Branch and WimNet NSW. I am a Fellow of the AusIMM (CP); a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a keen mentor in the WiMnet NSW Mentoring program. I hold a B.Sc. (Hons) from Rhodes University and a Master’s degree in Economic Geology (UTAS), a Master of Mining Engineering (UNSW) and have been awarded an Executive MBA (AGSM).

With >20 years of hands-on technical, corporate and director experience throughout the mining value chain I have held senior titles in both Australian and international multi-nationals through to small cap explorers. My career path has afforded me an acute knowledge and ability to lead assets through greenfield discovery; feasibility; approvals, development and construction; commissioning and into profitable operation. All these steps encompass their own risks and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges for all stakeholders which need to be understood, continuously monitored, clearly communicated and actively managed for the best outcomes.

As a passionate, lifelong campaigner for the resources industry, I am an active voice for industry professionals and student cohorts in New South Wales, Australia and Africa. My methods encompass a multidisciplinary approach to adaptive leadership within my sphere of influence. Through the power of effective team collaboration, a passion for curiosity strong governance, leadership and integrity I bring a mix of skills, energy and enthusiasm that the AusIMM can leverage to spearhead its leadership and professional standards to improve community engagement and commitment which I believe will give rise to incredible outcomes for the future.

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