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AusIMM leads the way as the Trusted Voice for mining industry professionals. We advocate for our members as key participants in the industry to advance best practice and policy for the benefit of the global mining community.

Our global community consists of 15,000 members from 100 countries, with 20% living or spending most of their working time outside Australia. We represent professionals across all levels of the mining industry, from exploration to the delivery of the final product, and all disciplines from mining engineering and geosciences, to health and safety, finance, government and academia. 

Given the technical expertise and practical experience of our members, we are uniquely placed to speak as the Trusted Voice for professionals on policy settings necessary for an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable mining industry in Australasia.

Our members are bound by a Code of Ethics, where the interests of the community are placed ahead of personal interests with a commitment to ensuring the sustainability and sound reputation of the mining industry.

We are committed to preserving and strengthening the industry by developing leaders with world-class knowledge and experience. AusIMM is passionate about providing the latest and most reliable information to lead the mining industry, encouraging technical innovation to members and the global community.

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