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Advocacy Committees and Councils

Advocacy Committees and Councils

AusIMM provides members with opportunities to contribute to leading the way for mining professionals and advancing best practice for the benefit of the global community.

Within our governance ecosystem are several Board committees, member-based committees and Advisory Councils responsible for guiding and facilitating our work to inform policy development.


Our Committees and Councils

Policy and Advocacy Committee

A Committee of the Board responsible for guiding and advising on AusIMM’s strategic policy and advocacy priorities, as reflected in Our Advocacy Framework.

Council for Diversity and Inclusion

An advisory body whose advise the AusIMM Board on the advancement of diversity and inclusion for the benefit of AusIMM, the resources sector and the wider community.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Advisory Council

A member-based Council established to lead development and deployment of the AusIMM Social Responsibility Framework.

AusIMM and Standards Australia

AusIMM endorses representatives to hold positions on key resources Standards Australia Committees, the peak body for non-government standards facilitation.

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