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Our Advocacy Framework and priorities

Our Advocacy Framework and priorities

Our Advocacy Framework

AusIMM has a proud history of professional excellence. As the peak body, we are a respected source of independent and professional advice, and able to contribute to facts-based community debate.

As a community of mining professionals, we exercise shared leadership for the advancement of our sector and global community.

Our Advocacy Framework is a guide for all AusIMM members on the importance of being a professional advocate. The framework sets out the aims of our advocacy work, explains our priority areas, and the role that members can play as confident and active advocates.


Aims of our advocacy work

We are committed to:

  • Promoting the benefits of career long learning and the pursuit of professional best practice

  • Increasing community support for the resources sector and its professionals

  • Encourage governments to maintain contemporary, best practice regulatory frameworks

Advocacy priorities

The Policy and Advocacy Committee carefully consider areas for advocacy focus. This involves taking into consideration a wide range of references such as AusIMM's Royal Charter and By-laws, Code of Ethics, strategic framework, previous policy statements and Congress outcomes.

The result is the endorsement of six priorities to advance professional excellence for the benefit of the community:

Professional best practice

Professional recognition and mobility

Diversity, equality and opportunity

The future of the sector

Community and environmental sustainability

Health and safety leadership

AusIMM does not advocate on issues outside its purpose and as a result it does not represent individual members on matters of private interest, such as industrial relations matters; and it does not represent resources companies and their interests (unless they align with the collective interests of AusIMM members).

Get involved

Contribute to current initiatives or propose a new policy idea

The roles we can play

AusIMM supports members by creating awareness and opportunities to get involved in our policy and advocacy activities. Collectively, we can raise our voice on key policies and programs, deepen our relationships with key stakeholders, and strengthen our leadership position within the resources sector.


Types of advocacy activities being undertaken

Individual members

  • Adhere to the professional codes and encouraging and supporting your colleagues and reports to do the same
  • Participate in the AusIMM Trusted Voice Ambassador Program
  • Contribute articles on professional best practice, your experience of the challenges and opportunities of working internationally or other advocacy related topics for digital publication
  • Nominate outstanding individuals for an AusIMM Award for leadership in professional practice or for significant contributions to AusIMM and/or industry
  • Demonstrate a proactive commitment to safety in every aspect of your lives
  • Apply best practice approaches to management and building strong community engagement and relationships during all phases of mining activity
  • Provide feedback to AusIMM program development and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Start discussions online or in person with your network about emerging areas of opportunity

AusIMM Communities of Interest

  • Presentations at local AusIMM Branch or Society events on areas of professional best practice or innovation
  • Engagement with AusIMM Professional Program to improve governance, transparency, rigour and demonstration of competency and currency
  • AusIMM Societies identify barriers to professionals working and propose solutions
  • Industry leaders continually focusing on attracting and retaining a diverse range of talented professionals in the resources industry
  • AusIMM Awards Committee oversee the prestigious Awards Program recognising professional best practice and achieving high status and industry profile
  • VALMIN and JORC Committees continually revise, improve and promote relevant Codes
  • Social and Environment Society develop publications on best practice community engagement and contribute content to the Life of Mine Conference
  • The Heritage Committee leads work to promote mine and metal production site heritage activity such as geo-tourism or Indigenous engagement.
  • Health and Safety Society lead submissions on governments’ health and safety policy and regulation proposals
  • Policy and Advocacy Committee manage the policy priorities and direction of AusIMM advocacy as a sub-division of the AusIMM Board
  • AusIMM Council for Diversity and Inclusion made up of key diversity leaders from industry advise the AusIMM Board on key initiatives to improve inclusion of all resources professionals within the AusIMM, and the broader sector

AusIMM Management

  • Support members by providing relevant and accessible professional development opportunities.
  • Provide information to members on topical matters such as skilled migration and use of renewables and identify the areas in which AusIMM may have influence on policy
  • Work with members to identify and address potential AusIMM Community of Interest gaps
  • Undertake annual research surveys and publicly releasing results on industry diversity and inclusion
  • Advise governments to ensure appropriate recognition of the skills of professionals and report on employment figures
  • Encourage governments to adopt consistent, risk-based environmental protection and health and safety policies that deliver consistently safer workplaces


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