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Community and environmental sustainability

Community and environmental sustainability

AusIMM is committed to fostering the social responsibility of our membership

We recognise the sustainability and contribution of the global mining industry derives from the highest professional and ethical standards of mining professionals.

The AusIMM Code of Ethics highlights how members must be aware of and consider the environmental, social and governance factors at play in all fields of professional activity. We strive to advance the sector in social performance and environmental expertise, ensuring best practice and policy for the benefit of the global community.

We support the positive development of social and environmental performance through innovation, investment, and technology advancement. The expertise of our members is key in collaborating with industry, governments and broader communities to deliver sustainable, social and economic benefit for generations to come.


What does success look like?

  • Increased community acceptance and regard of the need for, and benefits of the mining industry
  • The mining industry is perceived as a valued contributor to sustainable development
  • Responsible mining practices embedded into the mining industry by recognised professional disciplines

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