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Diversity, equality and opportunity

Diversity, equality and opportunity

AusIMM recognises the importance of equal opportunity by welcoming and advancing the careers of a diverse range of mining professionals

A contemporary, future-focused workforce must be inclusive and harness the full range of skills and experience found in our global community.

AusIMM sees diversity as the range of individual attributes, skills and qualities that make us who we are. These include gender identity, age, family status and carer’s responsibilities, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, nationality, sexual preference, disability, education, and religion.

Inclusion is the positive change towards progress we are empowered to make so we all feel safe, valued and supported to be our best. Through inclusion we create an industry culture that values and respects differences, as well as supporting a place of belonging for all to thrive.

We strive to champion diversity in the mining industry by providing inclusive professional development opportunities and encouraging all professionals to connect with our initiatives and events. We partner with like-minded organisations to create safe spaces reflecting the diverse attributes of all industry professionals.  

We also advance diversity and inclusion through the professional standards we set for our members. Our Code of Ethics requires that all members uphold principles of equity and anti-discrimination in all aspects of their professional practice. 

AusIMM's Council for Diversity and Inclusion advises the AusIMM Board on the advancement of diversity and inclusion for the benefit of AusIMM, the resources sector and the community. The Council supports AusIMM diversity and inclusion initiatives, guiding the AusIMM management team to implement programs and track progress towards achieving a diverse and inclusive resources sector.

You can learn more about our role in championing diversity, inclusion and opportunity for all people pursuing careers in resources by reading our Leadership Statement.


What does success look like?

  • Industry attracts, retains and encourages resources employees from the widest possible spectrum of background and experience
  • An inclusive culture that reflects AusIMM values of integrity and respect in a sector that is open to all
  • An industry that fosters innovation, creativity and inspires critical thinking from a diverse pool of talent
  • An established, dynamic environment that inspires increased performance and greater employee participation and workforce fulfillment
  • Enriched communication between resources professionals, their community and industry

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