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Education Endowment Fund

Education Endowment Fund

The AusIMM Education Endowment Fund (EEF) provides funding to a variety of educational initiatives to attract and provide support for those studying in the mining industry. This includes a number of undergraduate and post graduate research scholarships in each calendar year.

Each year the EEF provides a number of successful scholarship applicants with financial support and exemplary professional development opportunities to enable them to complete their studies and embark on a successful career in the mining industry.

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, enrolled in a related program of study and can demonstrate a determination to achieve your best, develop leadership qualities and expand your knowledge and network of the mining sector, this scholarship opportunity could be the perfect next step on your career pathway.

Undergraduate scholarships packages are valued at approximately $20,000 each with each recipient receiving:

  • Significant financial support of up to $11,000 annually for the duration of their studies. The recipient of the Sir Frank Espie/Rio Tinto Leadership Award receives a stipend of $15, 000 per annum
  • Career building mentoring with an industry professional valued at $5,000
  • Opportunity to participate in a one-week intensive field trip valued at $4,000 to a mineral-rich region of Australia
  • Support to develop career enhancing personal and professional skill

The postgraduate research scholarship package is valued at approximately $30, 000* per annum for a maximum of three calendar years and comprises financial support of up to $25, 000 * and participation in the one week intensive field trip.

*The final figure is dependent upon the value of other scholarship/stipends to a maximum of $50,000 (all-inclusive amount).

2022 EEF Scholarship Applications have now closed

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Undergraduate students

Postgraduate students

Previous EEF Scholarship Recipients

Darby Liersch

Premium Scholarship Winner 2021

Moving around a lot from an early age Darby attended schools in Australia, Germany, China and Japan, fostering an appreciation for diversity, a love of travel and fascination for Earth Sciences.

Darby interned for the Research School of Chemistry in the summer break between the first two years of her degree. Gaining work experience in the resources industry, particularly in the research and development of processes and technologies to contribute to sustainable development in mining is her next project.

Robert Colborne

Premium Scholarship & Joint Sir Frank Espie/Rio Tinto Leadership Award Winner 2021

Rob considers it fitting to be studying mining engineering having grown up in a mining family with parents working as a metallurgist and mining engineer in Australia and internationally.

Experiences in mining towns have informed his view of the mining industry as ‘one of the biggest collaborative industries around’ and Rob is committed to demonstrating this through his role as President of the AusIMM UWA Student Chapter. ‘I have always greatly enjoyed working with others in teams and having the opportunity to lead. I grew up seeing the opportunities that the industry can create through my parents moving all over Australia and the world for work, and the great challenges and rewards that it has to offer.’

Meet all of our 2022 EEF Scholarship recipients

Prizes for final year university students

The EEF also awards two additional prizes which acknowledge the excellence of final year students.

Ian Morley Thesis Prize

Reg Buckett Prize

More about the EEF

The EEF Trust Deed was formally created and signed on 22 February 1989. The aim of the EEF is to:

  • Fund research projects that may benefit the mining industry
  • Provide scholarships bursaries and other awards to tertiary students undertaking undergraduate or postgraduate study or research in relation to minerals relevant disciplines or courses
  • Fund and provide lectures to persons involved in the mining industry and students undertaking study in related disciplines
  • Provide funding to universities for the purposes of running classes, seminars and other activities designed to promote the awareness of and interest in the mining industry amongst secondary school students
  • Provide funding to universities for the purpose of providing endowed professorships.


The Board of Trustees

The EEF Board of Trustees consists of prominent members of AusIMM as well as industry representatives and the current AusIMM President. The EEF Board of Trustees meet twice a year to discuss the fund and its existing and new initiatives to ensure the continued attraction to, and retention of, bright individuals into the mining industry.


Jared Osborne


Dave Clark

AusIMM Board President

Susie Corlett


Paul Espie


Andy Fourie


Andrew Jenkin


Dewetia Latti


Sarah Wheeler


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