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Education Endowment Fund

Education Endowment Fund

The AusIMM Education Endowment Fund (EEF) provides funding to a variety of educational initiatives to attract and support those studying within the mining industry.

EEF undergraduate and postgraduate research scholarships

Do you have a passion for the resources sector? Strong leadership qualities? A proactive approach to personal and professional development? If this sounds like you, apply for an EEF scholarship.

The scholarship winners will receive:

  • Significant financial support during the course of their studies
  • Career building mentoring with an industry professional
  • Support to develop career enhancing personal and professional skills
  • Opportunity to participate in a one-week intensive field trip to a mineral-rich region of Australia


Application guidelines


Meet our 2021 EEF Scholarship recipients

As a recipient of an AusIMM EEF Undergraduate Scholarship, I had the opportunity to participate in a field trip to Kalgoorlie where I forged lasting friendships with other like-minded individuals from across Australia. I received advice from industry professionals that was both inspirational and incredibly informative to someone at the beginning of their career in the resources industry.

Ross Chandler

PhD Scholarship Winner 2018

2021 EEF Scholarship Applications have closed

Prizes for final year university students

The EEF also awards two additional prizes which acknowledge the excellence of final year students.

Ian Morley Thesis Prize

Reg Buckett Prize

More about the EEF

The EEF Trust Deed was formally created and signed on 22 February 1989. The aim of the EEF is to:

  • Fund research projects that may benefit the mining industry
  • Provide scholarships bursaries and other awards to tertiary students undertaking undergraduate or postgraduate study or research in relation to minerals relevant disciplines or courses
  • Fund and provide lectures to persons involved in the mining industry and students undertaking study in related disciplines
  • Provide funding to universities for the purposes of running classes, seminars and other activities designed to promote the awareness of and interest in the mining industry amongst secondary school students
  • Provide funding to universities for the purpose of providing endowed professorships.


The Board of Trustees

The EEF Board of Trustees consists of prominent members of AusIMM as well as industry representatives and the current AusIMM President. The EEF Board of Trustees meet twice a year to discuss the fund and its existing and new initiatives to ensure the continued attraction to, and retention of, bright individuals into the mining industry.


Jared Osborne


Dave Clark

AusIMM Board President

Susie Corlett


Paul Espie


Andy Fourie


Andrew Jenkin


Dewetia Latti


Sarah Wheeler


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