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AusIMM COVID Safe events

AusIMM COVID Safe events

Health and safety are paramount at AusIMM

To help ensure the health and wellbeing of attendees and ensure a safe environment at our in-person events, AusIMM will be implementing COVID-Safe initiatives.


  • In line with Government COVID regulations and for safe attendance, we request that all attendees have an ‘up to date' vaccination status.
  • Proof of vaccination or a valid medical exemption will be requested when registering onsite and/or for entry in conference venues.

QR Check in and record keeping

  • In accordance with individual State Government guidelines, attendees will be required to follow QR check in requirements.
  • As per Terms and Conditions, there is to be no sharing of registrations or name badges to enable AusIMM to maintain accurate attendance and COVID reporting

Mask wearing

  • In accordance with individual State Government guidelines, attendees will be required to follow mask wearing requirements.

Physical distancing

  • Event capacity and physical distancing will align with the State Government and venue density limits.
  • Encourage other forms of communication to help limit certain actions like handshakes or high-fives that are common at many events.

Hygiene and cleaning

  • Work with venues on increased cleaning and having sanitiser available.
  • Where possible, provide instructions on proper hand hygiene onsite at events.
  • Introduce contactless processes, such as QR code scanning for name badges at registration and implement the reduction of high touch materials.

Wellbeing of attendees

  • We will follow all Federal and State Government guidelines along with public health advice on current COVID-19 restrictions.
  • If attendees have any symptoms of COVID-19 or are unwell in any way, we ask that they please follow Government advice, including to seek medical attention, get tested and isolate.
  • Ask attendees to reconsider their attendance at the event if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or had direct contact with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19 recently.
  • Where possible, display signage outlining COVID-19 requirements (such as mask wearing) at events.

For the latest advice and information, please visit the Australian Government Department of Health website and/or the State Government’s Department of Health website for your state. Individual State Governments may have additional vaccination mandates which apply for those working in critical and/or high-risk industries.

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Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the AusIMM events team at


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