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Call for abstracts

Call for abstracts

Online Abstract Submissions are now open

Abstracts that are accepted by the organising committee will be subject to peer review. The selection criteria include relevance to the conference theme, accuracy and originality of ideas, significance of the contribution and quality of presentation. All accepted abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings and presented at conference technical sessions. All presenting authors are required to pay and attend the conference to present their abstracts.


Conference themes

  • Ground Control and Support
    • Tendon systems, surface liners, injection systems in open cut and underground mining
    • Alternative materials in ground support
    • Backfill technologies
    • Mine subsidence – prediction and control
    • New challenges and innovations in ground control

  • Rock Mechanics in mining, civil and petroleum engineering
    • Rock mass characterisation techniques and practice
    • Jointed rock mass behaviour
    • Drilling, blasting and excavation
    • Tunnelling and underground space development

  • Structure stability
    • Regional stability
    • Pillar design and performance
    • Slope stability
    • Tailings performance and management
    • Fracture diagnostics and surveillance: new technologies and methods

  • Dynamic events and managing large deformations
    • Rock and coal burst
    • Induced seismicity
    • Wind and air blast
    • Water in-rush

  • Geotechnical instrumentation
    • Underground and open pit monitoring techniques and performances
    • Monitoring for unconventional gas and petroleum

  • Data management
    • Artificial intelligence applications 
    • Data visualisation
    • Data analytics
    • Data driven decision making

  • Mining Systems and Design
    • Geotechnical considerations
    • Geotechnical design methodologies
    • Caving mechanics and control
    • Multiseam, multireef and complex orebodies

  • Geotechnical challenges in extreme environments
    • Deep mining
    • Underwater mining
    • Severe climate conditions
    • Planetary rock mechanics

  • Interdisciplinary
    • Geothermal considerations
    • Subsurface storage and sequestration
    • Coupled behaviour
    • Pore pressure and fracture gradient
    • Petrophysics, Rock Physics, Geophysics for Geomechanics
    • Interdisciplinary aspects of theory, performance, and interpretation

  • Geotechnical risk management

  • Geotechnical education & training
    • Skills shortage and future needs
    • Professional ethics

Key dates

25 February 2022: Final abstract submission deadline
18 March 2022: Notification to authors
20 May 2022: Draft extended abstracts due
26 August 2022: Final extended abstracts due
29 November - 1 December 2022: Conference Dates

AusRock 2022 Paper Awards

The organising committee is pleased to offer a range of paper awards at the AusRock Conference 2022, and will review submissions and select a recipient or recipients for each of the following categories:

Young Professionals Award (5 Years)

Eligible for researchers (including PhD candidates) and operations people within 5 years of receiving their relevant degree

Best Ground Support Paper Award

Eligible for papers that are directly related to ground support

Best Numerical Modelling Paper Award

Eligible for papers that are directly related to numerical modelling (e.g. case studies, theoretical modelling study)

Best Innovative Idea / Innovation Paper Award

Eligible for all submissions; the best innovative idea/methodology/application will be selected by the committee 

Detailed criteria will be determined by the committee (e.g. research quality, benefit, innovation etc.)  

The awards will be presented at the 2022 conference. To ensure you are eligible to receive one of the above awards, submit your abstract by the closing deadline 25 February 2022.

Good luck!

Present at AusRock Conference 2022

Submissions close Friday 25 February 2022


Conference abstracts / papers must be submitted as a PDF document only using the specific format as per the abstract template submitted through the abstract submission portal on the conference website. Submissions will not be accepted via email.

The Organising Committee may, if necessary, limit the number of presentations per author. Presenters of accepted abstracts are required to register and pay to attend the conference as an Author delegate. Submission of abstracts implies the author’s agreement to publish their abstract on the conference website. Authors must arrange and pay their own accommodation, travel and expenses to attend the conference.

Once the abstract submission deadline has passed, the Organising Committee will review all submitted abstracts. Authors will then be notified whether or not the abstract has been accepted for the program and whether an extended abstract or full paper is required.


  • Abstracts must be a minimum of 250 words, and a maximum of 300 words

  • Abstracts must be submitted in Arial 11-point font

  • The abstract title must be typed in Arial 14 point, bold and centred font

  • The presenting author/s name/s must be underlined

  • All author details, post nominals and affiliations must be included

  • All author email address must be included

  • Authors may include a maximum of five keywords sufficient to highlight the relevant topics to be addressed in the paper

  • Abstracts must be text only – graphics, images or graphs should not be included

Author resources

AusIMM Guide to Authors

A detailed guide outlining the formatting policy for conference proceeding papers.

Abstract template

Please use this template to submit an abstract to an AusIMM conference.

Paper template

Please use this template to submit a paper to an AusIMM conference.

Abstract submission FAQs

Submit your abstract via the Abstract Submission Portal. Instructions on how to submit your abstract can be found on the home page of the portal, via this link.


Yes – you will need to format your abstract using the abstract template. This can be found within the Abstract Submission Portal.

The abstract review process begins after the abstract submission deadline has passed. It usually takes around four weeks for the organising committee to review all submitted abstracts and reach a decision. This may take longer if the number of abstracts submitted exceeds expectations.

We will contact you via email regardless of the outcome.

Once you have submitted your abstract you cannot replace it in the Abstract Submission Portal. Email your updated abstract to and we will upload it for you.

Email us at to see if an extension is possible.

Speaker and presenter terms and conditions

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