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August technical talk – Towards the exploration metaverse

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Join the Adelaide Branch in person for their August technical talk. 

About this event

Geoscientists and mineral explorers are working in a world of increasing types, volumes and complexity of data. The problem isn’t so much what data should we acquire, but rather how do we make use of the mountains of information at our disposal and turn it into new insights and new knowledge?

This dilemma is exacerbated by the limitations of current tools to reliably, efficiently and intuitively analyse complex data, and the interoperability of our data repositories. Virtual and augmented reality are rapidly evolving technologies that may offer novel solutions through data immersion.

This approach encapsulates the concept of “space to think”, where different scales and contexts of data analysis can be bridged, intuitive gesture-based tools for data interaction can be used, and new ways of analysing information can be introduced to support rapid and informed decision-making.

This presentation will provide a demonstration of three recent projects developed at UniSA that use immersive technologies to work towards the goal of an exploration metaverse, encompassing augmented reality core logging, virtual collaboration and visualisation of spatial datasets, and immersive analytics for geoscientific data.


Tom Raimondo

Professor of Geology and Geochemistry
Tom Raimondo is Professor of Geology and Geochemistry and Professorial Lead for STEM at the University of South Australia. His research focuses on the role of fluids in weakening the Earth’s crust and producing earthquakes, improving exploration models for mineral deposits, and assessing the impact of hot rocks on ice loss in Antarctica. He is also a passionate science communicator who has been recognised as the 2019 SA Science Excellence Awards STEM Educator of the Year, and in 2017 was named in the ABC Top 5 Under 40.

Since 2014, Tom has led Project LIVE (Learning through Immersive Virtual Environments), an initiative focused on creating high-quality virtual and augmented reality experiences that bridge the research-teaching nexus. Tom is also a member of the Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments (IVE), where he is working on the application of digital visualisation technologies in geoscience, including immersive analytics for geochemical and geophysical datasets and enhanced drill core logging using augmented reality. This research forms part of the MinEx CRC.

Date and Time

Thursday, 18 August 2022
12.00pm (UTC+09:30)


The University of Adelaide,
Eclipse Room, Level 4
Union House
Adelaide, 5000


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Non-Members - $50
Student Members - $15
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