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Webinar: Mineral Consultants Handbook - Competent Practice

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The next AusIMM ConSoc webinar tracing a journey through the Minerals Consultant Handbook will focus on Competent Practice. This will cover the following chapters in the Mineral Consultants Handbook, Ethics, Expert Witness Work and Professional Development.

About this event

Leading with definitions and obligations of consultants in accordance with applicable codes of practice, the Ethics chapter identifies key codes of practice and provides key legal references.

Expert witness work is explained including applicable codes, reporting and legal context.

And finally we discuss Professional development, what is actually means and why it is important for consultants.

Special Offer

To thank everyone for joining us on the final webinar we have an offer for members and non-members to purchase a discounted electronic copy of the Mineral Consultants Handbook should they desire this must have for their collection. There will be a 25% discount code on offer for all registered webinar participants.

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Eligible members can add themselves to the directory by visiting their Dashboard, then visiting the My Details (Member Profile) page.

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Peter Hills

Senior Principal Geotechnical Engineer
Peter has worked in the mining industry, principally in underground operations in Australia and Papua New Guinea since 1982. Peter joined the Chartered Professional Board (now the CPPC) in 2013 and Chaired that body through its restructuring from 2106 to 2018. He also joined the ConSoc Committee in 2015 Chairing that body in 2019/20 including during the preparation of the Mineral Consultants Handbook for which he was part of the Steering Committee with John Dunlop and Mark Noppe.

David Williams

Professor of Geotechnical Engineering; Director, Geotechnical Engineering Centre; Manager, Large Open Pit Project
Professor David Williams initiated and directs the industry-funded Geotechnical Engineering Centre at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. He has over 40 years of teaching, research and consulting experience, and is internationally recognised for his expertise and experience in mine waste management and mine closure. He is particularly recognised for his expertise in tailings dams, and the closure and rehabilitation of tailings dams and waste rock dumps, including the design of covers. He carries out high-level reviews of and provides expert advice, opinion and review on tailings dam designs, and tailings and waste rock facility closure and value-adding

Peter Waggitt

Peter has more than 50 Years in and around the mining industry, specialising in environmental and social matters as a researcher, a consultant and as a regulator. Peter was an early member of the AusIMM Chartered Professional (CP) Programme and has served with the then CP Board, some time as Vice Chair; later served a maximum term on the Chartered Professional Programme Committee which replaced the Board. Peter has been as assessor and auditor for the CP programme for many years and still performs these tasks. He has long held an intense interest in promoting professional development at all levels of the AusIMM.

Date and Time

Tuesday, 26 October 2021
3.30pm – 5.00pm (UTC+10:00)


AusIMM Member $0.00
Non Member $30.00
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