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Webinar – Extracting Geotechnical Data from Core Imagery using Machine Learning

Advances in computer vision techniques have created an opportunity to improve the way we extract some types of geotechnical data from drill core. 

About this event

Extracting geotechnical data from imagery offers some significant improvements in observation consistency as well as unlocking new types of geotechnical data not able to be efficiently collected manually. Leveraging imagery as a basis for logging also allows for geotechnical observations to visually recorded improving the chain of custody for these high value datasets. 

About the speaker – Brenton Crawford, Chief Operating Officer, Datarock

After studying structural geology and geophysics at Monash University, Brenton Crawford has consulted as a structural geologist and geophysicist for PGN Geoscience as well as working in a variety of geological and geophysical roles—predominantly in exploration. Brenton has also worked as a geophysicist and data scientist for MMG Exploration working in Nickel, Copper and Zinc exploration and project generation.

In 2015, Brenton co-founded Solve Geosolutions - an exploration and mining focused data science consultancy where he currently serves as Director. In 2019, Brenton co-founded Datarock - a computer vision technology company geared at building productionised image and video analysis solutions for exploration and mining.

Date and Time

Thursday, 02 June 2022
1.00pm – 2.00pm (UTC+08:00)




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