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Using Natural Language Processing To Find Unrecognised Mineral Deposits within Legacy Mining Reports

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Join us online for our August webinar "Using natural language processing To find unrecognised mineral deposits within legacy mining reports" presented by Russell Menezes.

About this event

80% of data in the resources industry is unstructured, that is, they exist in the form of PDFs, images and text files (including scanned and handwritten). Extracting information from this is time consuming and expensive. Hence, this data always goes unused. This data is however extremely valuable, as it contains information collected over the last 150 years, and contains the expertise of thousands of subject matter experts who have contributed to these reports.

Going through these reports and being able to analyse and extract information efficiently and accurately plays an important role in the mining value chain. In this webinar, we will take the WAMEX mining exploration reports database, which contains approximately 18 million pages, and show you how we leverage the power of AI, automation and natural language processing to not only search for keywords, but also ideas, geological analogues, images, historic assays and such within seconds.


Russell Menezes

Russell is the CEO and co-founder of RadiXplore. While working as a geologist during the initial years of his career, he realised that the resources industry is plagued with issues related to data management. Over the next few years, while upskilling into a data scientist and software developer, he founded RadixGeo, a consultancy dedicated to streamlining data management processes in the resources industry using robotic process automation and machine learning. Soon thereafter, he created RadiXplore, an AI platform which leverages natural language processing techniques to enable organisations to make informed decisions using unstructured data. While transforming the resources industry using RadiXplore, Russell is also exploring its use cases within other verticals.

Date and Time

Tuesday, 16 August 2022
1.00pm (UTC+08:00)


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