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Health and Safety Society

Webinar: Mastering the equation of innovation, technology adoption, and human readiness

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Join the Health and Safety Society for their upcoming webinar: Mastering the equation of innovation, technology adoption, and human readiness.

About this event

The rapid pace of change and technological advancement in organisations can make people feel as though it is thrust upon them and cause deep unrest, even though the technologies were intended to be beneficial. This defeats business purposes.

This webinar will explain a four-factor person-centered approach to effective technology adoption. Participants will learn how to build a better business case and test organisational readiness to adopt technology using an ecosystem paradigm (many points of view) to suit different contexts (health and safety, workforce strategy, people and culture, and project management, for example).

This webinar will also profile technology use cases with practical applications in mining. The presentation will include human factors review of nine-stages of technology adoption with the ‘added extras’ of what ‘what-else’ must be done for a whizz-bang culture of transformation and innovation.


Karen Sanders

Founder and Managing Director, Real Serious Games
Karen is a visionary and extended reality/technology strategist. Karen has worked as a technical expert in the engineering and construction industry for more than 25 years. She leads the design of innovative, cutting-edge solutions for complex projects, adopting new materials, software, and processes to solve significant constructability challenges.

Dr Sara Pazell

Founder and Director, ViVA Health at Work
Sara is the director and principal work design strategist of ViVA health at work, a human factors and work system design practice. She consults, teaches, and researches on topics of human factors, ergonomics, human centred design, good work design, & human systems integration. She is affiliated with five Australian Universities for research and teaching in graduate-level business, law, health, and safety students. Sara is a rabble-rouser podcast crew member of the WhyWork Podcast, and she is curious about most things related to human performance.

Date and Time

Wednesday, 24 July 2024
11.00am – 12.00pm (UTC+10:00)


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Non Members: $25
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