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Webinar: From waste to energy (WtE) plant fly-ash to metals, chemicals, and cement; A zero-waste process

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Join the Metallurgical Society for their upcoming webinar: From waste to energy (WtE) plant fly-ash to metals, chemicals, and cement; A zero-waste process.

About this event

Disposing of fly ash from Waste to Energy plants is standard practice today. However, there are concerns associated with this option. First are the contamination impurities such as chlorites, sulphates and heavy metals can impose on the environment. Second, the cost of ash landfills is increasing all over Europe.

The current research aims to develop industrial separation processes to valorise fly ashes from waste incineration. A viable alternative is using fly ash as an additive to cement clinker. For the current process, hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical steps are proposed. The fly ash sample was initially treated in a water leaching step and smelted to produce a slag. The slag is potentially suitable for cement replacement.

Join us to find out more!

Webinar time: 5.00pm - 6.00pm (Brisbane time)


Prof. Alexandros Charitos

Professor, TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Prof. Charitos field of expertise is energy and metallurgical process engineering.

During his career he has gained academic and industrial experience with regard to an array of processes such as: roasting of sulfide concentrates and ores in the context of (Zn, Cu, Co, Ni, Au production), calcination (e.g. for alumina production), combustion, gasification and CO2 capture processes.

His research interests include: Slag valorization processes, H2 reduction in metallurgical process and its implications, utilization of alternative energy sources in metallurgical processes such as microwave heating and concentrated solar power, tackling of impurities in the production of copper (e.g. As) both with pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical methods, recycling processes, the study of fundamentals with regard to fluidized bed furnaces, Top Submerged Lance Smelting and Electric Arc Furnaces (in conjunction with ferroalloys) and development of dynamic models that link fundamentals and process digitalization.

His vision is to contribute to innovative, zero-waste metallurgical processes in the context of a true circular economy.

Date and Time

Thursday, 07 March 2024
5.00pm – 6.00pm (UTC+10:00)


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