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Webinar: IOM3/AusIMM Joint Webinar Series - The flotation machine gas characterisation initiative

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The AusIMM Metallurgical Society in collaboration with IOM3 is pleased to present our upcoming webinar on the flotation machine gas characterisation initiative.

About this event

In steel production, carbon acts as a processing agent (to make low melting pig iron), a reductant, a heat source, and key component of the final product.

Carbothermic production of light metals is theoretically possible in some cases but electrolysis using molten salts is normally the method for their production. In the attempt to reduce GHG emissions, electrolysis is being considered for steel production by switching to electrolysis in molten oxides.

This webinar will explore the basics of light metal electrolytic processes as a context to discuss some of the issues that will need to be considered by those working on molten oxide electrolysis.

Date and Time

Monday, 26 September 2022
6.00pm (UTC+10:00)




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