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Webinar: Refrigeration plant equipment options for hot mines

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A focus on refrigeration equipment options available for modern deep mining which keep humans safe. We will review where and when to use these options. What are the efficiencies versus costs and finally an example scenario for a multi MWR refrigeration plant in a heat challenged mine.

About this event

Modern industry is continually facing both internal and external legislative and environmental challenges from a changing world. Arguably none more so than the mining industry.

Mining and recovering commodities at depth, coupled with heat issues that affect safety and productivity, can be said to be the most significant challenges faced.

This webinar focuses on refrigeration equipment options available for modern deep mining to keep humans safe.

Participants will gain an understanding of various types of refrigeration systems and associated equipment types available, what refrigerants should be used, the benefits of water-cooled chillers versus air cooled, and the benefits of a closed circuit versus an open circuit.


Alan Loudon

Mine Cooling Specialist
Alan hails from Scotland and while employed in all parts of the world now works with Howden as Mine Cooling Specialist. Past company associations have seen him as global Head Mine Cooling, Head of temperature control solutions and as General Manager in various OEM organisations.

He has been involved with the mining industry for the past 40 years and has specific experience in Mine Cooling. Working with leading global organisations has been responsible for design, manufacture, product development and business development within the field of Refrigeration and Evaporative Cooling.

He has placed Mine cooling plants on the surface and underground in all parts of the world, uncovering and adapting a solution to the mines current and future challenges in both technical and financial areas.

He has structured both Capital, Rental and Rent to buy options for all markets, and together with his product knowledge can align the mining industry with the optimum solution during mine life. Finally Alan is dedicated to ensure that new technology comes to the industry that complies with the future emissions requirements both Carbon Neutral and Net Zero.

Date and Time

Monday, 09 August 2021
11.00am – 12.00pm (UTC+10:00)


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