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Event recap - Metallurgical Society Delprat Distinguished Lecture – Southern QLD Branch

Southern Queensland Branch
· 200 words, 2 minute read

Talk Overview

“Disruption Deconstructed: Innovation, Optimisation and Communication in Minerals”

We are regularly exhorted about the need to innovate in our industry. For minerals professionals it has never been a question of if we should innovate; but how. Every industry is different – just as a minerals business model would not work in Silicon Valley; neither should we expect a software start-up’s strategy to suit mining.

This talk considers how the approach to innovation should be informed primarily by industry characteristics. It explores the path of some successful flotation developments in search of general learnings. It reviews case studies of excellence in the use of data and process control to flotation, contrasting them with well-intentioned corporate initiatives that somehow miss the point.

As dedicated minerals industry professionals, why have we been losing the public relations battle? Not just in the community, but in our own companies?  Could it even be our own fault?  How can we earn the time and support from our companies to make real changes?  Above all, how can we motivate and mentor young professionals to maximise their contribution to society? And to be proud of their industry.

About the Speaker
Joe Pease, Principal Consultant, Mineralis Consultants

Joe has 37 years’ experience in the minerals industry, including site operations and technical management, running a technology supplier, and with numerous educational, research and industry collaborative groups. He is now a consultant to the minerals industry.

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