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Critical Conversations

Critical Conversations

Join us on the exhibition floor for Critical Conversations

Critical Conversations will be a hub where hot topics relating to critical minerals will be discussed in a relaxed, conversational style. Delegates will have the opportunity to sit in and listen or join in the conversation as they please. Expert facilitators will ensure the conversation stays on track whilst drawing out the key issues from the group assembled. The discussions will run during break times on the exhibition floor.


2024 Critical Conversations: Topics

Monday, 26 August 2024                           

10:35am – How can greener operations compete with their less sustainable counterparts on the open market? Can R&D support the economics of green premium?
Facilitated by: Dr Chris Vernon, Critical Minerals Lead, Mineral Resources, CSIRO

1:00pm – What are the challenges and opportunities for Australia in mine waste?
Facilitated by: Kristina Anastasi, Branch Head, Advice, Investment Attraction & Analysis, Geoscience Australia

Tuesday, 27 August 2024

10:15am – What should Australia do to accelerate growth in the mid-stream processing sector? How can we promote domestic R&D collaboration and attract international partners?
Facilitated by: Lucy O'Connor, Australian Critical Minerals R&D Hub Manager, CSIRO

1:00pm – How can government research, data and tools support accelerated discovery and development?
Facilitated by: Dr Simon Richards, Mineral Systems Geoscientist, Geoscience Australia

Wednesday, 28 August 2024

10:15am – Should Australia be picking battery chemistry winners, including niche opportunities?  Or diversifying efforts?  Can we afford to look before we leap?
Facilitated by: Dr Keith Barnard, Group Leader-Hydrometallurgy, CSIRO

1:00pm – What are the biggest technical challenges in developing critical minerals projects? What new processing technologies are on the horizon that will help accelerate project development?
Facilitated by: Dr Chris Griffith, Principal Consultant, ANSTO


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