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Call for abstracts

Call for abstracts

Abstract submissions are now open

Submissions are now open for AusIMM's new Critical Minerals Conference. Critical minerals are essential components in many of today's rapidly growing clean energy and advanced technologies – from wind turbines and electricity networks to electric vehicles and energy storage. The increasing appetite and rapid pace of the transition continues to drive the growth in demand for these minerals.

This is your chance to be an integral part of AusIMM's inaugural Critical Minerals Conference, which will address a wide range of topics from international demand and economic policy to downstream processing and technical innovation.

Abstracts that are accepted by the Conference Organising Committee will be subject to peer review. The selection criteria include relevance to the conference theme (see conference themes list below), accuracy and originality of ideas, significance of the contribution and quality of presentation.

Once abstracts are accepted, authors will have the option to submit an extended abstract or full paper to provide additional information.

Presenting at an AusIMM conference boosts your professional profile within the industry, highlights your organisation’s achievements, brings awareness to researchers, policy makers and peers of your innovations and progress, and provides opportunities to collaborate for the good of the industry. Click the button below to submit an abstract.

Key dates for abstracts

5 June: Abstract submissions close

28 August: Optional extended abstracts due

21 - 23 November: Conference dates

Join us at the conference

To address the rapid growth of clean energy and advanced technologies, AusIMM is launching its inaugural Critical Minerals Conference in 2023.

The event will include a multi-stream format and seek to engage with a larger audience from multiple disciplines as well as a wide range of industry.

Learn more about why you should attend.

Conference themes

Presenters are invited to share their knowledge on the key conference themes:

The global landscape and key drivers for Critical Minerals demand

Strategic sourcing and the complex economic overlay of multi-industry supply

Key investment drivers and challenges, the role(s) of government

A just transition, ethical sourcing and provenance, and global frameworks

Finding, defining, and developing resources to meet projected demand

Efficient and sustainable value chains, upstream and downstream processing

Making the most of the materials we have, production scrap through to end-of-life materials

Out of the box thinking for the sustainable supply of Critical Minerals

Online Abstract Submission

The conference committee invites abstract submissions for presentation.

Presentations will be conducted in-person. Please note, the conference will not be streamed live online; however, all presentations will be recorded for viewing post-conference.

Submissions will be subject to peer review, then accepted or declined by the Conference Organising Committee. The selection criteria includes: relevance to the conference theme, accuracy and originality of ideas, significance of the contribution and quality of presentation.

Accepted abstract authors are then able to submit an extended abstract or full paper, with revisions provided by peer review and the Conference Organising Committee.

All accepted submissions will be published in the conference proceedings and presented during the technical sessions. All presenting authors are required to register, pay and attend the conference.


Abstracts must be submitted as a PDF document only using the specific format as per the abstract template submitted through the abstract submission portal on the event website. Submissions will not be accepted via email.

The Committee may, if necessary, limit the number of presentations per author. Submission of abstracts implies the author’s agreement to publish their abstract on the event website. Authors must arrange and pay their own accommodation, travel and expenses to attend the event.

Once the abstract submission deadline has passed, the organising committee will review all submitted abstracts. Authors will then be notified whether or not the abstract has been accepted for the next stage, and the requirements around the next stage of submission.

All enquiries should be directed to:

  • Abstracts must be a minimum of 250 words, and a maximum of 300 words
  • Abstracts must be submitted in Arial 11-point font
  • The abstract title must be typed in Arial 14 point, bold and centred font
  • The presenting author/s name/s must be underlined
  • All author details, post nominals and affiliations must be included
  • All author email address must be included
  • Authors may include a maximum of five keywords sufficient to highlight the relevant topics to be addressed in the paper
  • Abstracts must be text only – graphics, images or graphs should not be included

Author resources

AusIMM Guide to Authors

A detailed guide outlining the formatting policy for conference proceeding papers.

Abstract template

Please use this template to submit an abstract to an AusIMM conference.

Paper template

Please use this template to submit a paper to an AusIMM conference.

Abstract Submission FAQs

Submit your abstract via the Abstract Submission Portal. Instructions on how to submit your abstract can be found on the home page of the portal.


Yes – you will need to format your abstract using the abstract template. This can be found within the Abstract Submission Portal.

The abstract review process begins after the abstract submission deadline has passed. It usually takes around four weeks for the organising committee to review all submitted abstracts and reach a decision. This may take longer if the number of abstracts submitted exceeds expectations.

We will contact you via email regardless of the outcome.

Once you have submitted your abstract, you can update or change this at any time prior to the abstract closing date through the Abstract Submission Portal. Post the abstract closing date, please contact

Email us at to see if an extension is possible.

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