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What Lies Beneath

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At the upcoming International Future Mining Conference, METS Ignited will highlight the potential of advanced technologies underpinning our world leading resources sector, and how they shape the future of the mining industry as they become more commercially available.

With a long history of innovation and our reputation for ingenuity, Australia’s resources sector has consistently overcome the vast array of challenges facing the industry. Sustained investment has made our operations safer, more reliable, and our sustainable mining methods have paid dividends, paving a pathway for the future prosperity of our sector.

METS Ignited will highlight the significant upside potential this investment has created for our future when translating these innovations into products and services within our local economy. The mining industry needs to attract the best and brightest of our next generation, requiring all industry professionals to showcase achievements, celebrate ingenuity, and be bold – as we have a lot to be proud of.












METS Ignited is calling for action – it is time to wow the world and demystify what we do. The International Future Mining Conference is the opportunity to showcase the future potential of our sector, highlight the depth and breadth of technology that sustains us, the new innovations that are in the making, the cross-sector application of our solutions and the career opportunities within.

As industry professionals it is up to each and every one of us to showcase what we do, nobody else can do it justice. We need to highlight the real reason this is the single largest economic contributor to the country, and still has so much more potential.

The time has come to put our sector back up in lights – at the International Future Mining Conference in Perth and online this December.

Visit the Mets Ignited website to find out more.













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