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Accepted Abstracts

Accepted Abstracts

The 2021 selected abstracts are now available

Abstract themes include, innovative mining methods and practices, measuring performance, revolutionising the traditional mine and more. The full list of abstracts and themes are listed below. The conference program will be launched in January 2021.

Theme Abstract Author Company
Automation in Mining Automation Considerations for Underground Shuttle Car Haulage Zach Agioutantis University Of Kentucky
Automation in Mining Robotics as a Service in Underground Mining Environments Mathew Allan Australian Droid And Robot
Automation in Mining Data driven geology - Adopting a data-driven culture and reaping the benefits of machine learning  Steve Sullivan Maptek
Automation in Mining Assessment of excavation technologies for a small-scale mining robot and development of future concepts Michael Berner Montanuniversitaet Leoben
Automation in Mining Integrated Operations for Complex Resources Peter Dowd University of Adelaide
Automation in Mining AI-Based Geotechnical Hazard Detection for Autonomous Underground Mining  Sebnem Duzgun Colorado School of Mines
Automation in Mining Value Chain Integrated Planning Based on Systemic Simulations to Maximize the Value of QB2. Nassam Estibill RECDO Mining Consultants
Automation in Mining Enhanced orebody knowledge through scanning technologies and workflows Hendrik Grobler Department of Mining Engineering and Mine Surveying
Automation in Mining A new workflow to increase drilling accuracy using Post-Processed Kinematic (PPK) drones and Smart Drills Brad Gyngell Strayos
Automation in Mining Ensuring consistent fragmentation with Measure While Drilling (MWD) data and 3D image analysis Brad Gyngell Strayos
Automation in Mining Enabling the Digital Mine of the Future through autonomous underground data capture Stefan Hrabar Emesent
Automation in Mining Miners of the Future - Ensuring good working conditions in the future digital mine Jan Johansson Luleå University of Technology
Automation in Mining Human Performance Variability and Responsiveness to Training in Traditional and Autonomous Haulage Operations Greg Karadjian Immersive Technologies
Automation in Mining Optically Powered Monitoring Networks François Ladouceur The University of New South Wales
Automation in Mining Development of a framework for evaluating mining technological innovation impact on a company's market value. Pilot Mugebe The University Of Queensland
Automation in Mining Process plant performance and availability improvements:
Linking real-time plant monitoring with expert support
Chris Nethercott Sedgman Pty Ltd
Automation in Mining Sleep/ Wake Up System for Underground Mines Jayasuriya Peiris Unsw
Automation in Mining Ventilation optimisation through digital transformation Huw Phillips Wits Mining Institute, University of the Witwatersrand
Automation in Mining Bad Data – does it really kill off AI and machine learning? Zeljka Pokrajcic Petra Data Science
Automation in Mining MEMS sensor for instantaneous detection and discrimination of hazardous gases Vladimir Puzyrev Curtin University
Automation in Mining Performance Analysis of BLE 5.1 New Feature Angle of Arrival for Relative Positioning Meilin Qian University Of New South Wales
Automation in Mining Mobile LiDAR for mining applications Simit Raval Unsw Sydney
Automation in Mining Optical Light Microscopy: A Novel Tool for Near Real Time Coal Mine Dust Monitoring Nestor Santa Virginia Tech
Automation in Mining The need for robots for maintenance in underground mining Nikolaus A. Sifferlinger Montanuniversitaet Leoben
Automation in Mining Automatic Magnetite identification at Placer Deposit Using Multi-Spectral Camera Mounted on UAV and Machine Learning Brian Sinaice Akita University
Automation in Mining BHP WAIO Mine Planning Integration from 5YP to Execution Luis Talavera Bhp
Automation in Mining A new estimation technique leveraging data-fusion and machine-learning for dynamic geology modelling Tamara Vasey Rio Tinto
Automation in Mining Roof Bolting Module Automation for Enhancing Miner Safety Anastasia Xenaki University Of Kentucky
Future Skills Review of Effective Leadership Style for Safety in Industry 4.0 and Digitalization Era Muthia Ashifa Pt Adaro Energy Tbk
Future Skills Managing Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health at Coal Mining Company in Indonesia Muthia Ashifa Pt Adaro Energy Tbk
Future Skills Mine Training for Future Skills Sally Bowes Edge Learning Services
Future Skills Minerals Engineering Education – Past, Current and Future Ismet Canbulat UNSW Sydney
Future Skills An AI-Based Personalized Evaluation and Training System for Displaced Workers in Mining Industry ┼×ebnem Düzgün Colorado School Of Mines
Future Skills Lost Opportunities with Technology Management Peter Johnson Maptek
Future Skills Unlocking Human Creativity: People and Technology Bev Kubat Resolve Coaching And Consulting
Future Skills New intelligent rock bolts for rock mass condition monitoring Michael Nöger Montanuniversitaet Leoben
Future Skills Highly Sought after Mine Managers William Oching British Columbia Institute of Technology
Future Skills Digital Twins Meet Mixed Reality in the Australian Mining Industry  Juncong Qu The University Of Queensland
Future Skills Vision for future focused mining skills Manuel Regueiro y González-barros Geological Survey Of Spain (igme)
Future Skills What mine planning competencies are we going to need in the near future? Russell Seib BHP
Future Skills The next step in mine planning - accounting for variation. Russell Seib BHP
Mineral Processing & Benefication Frontiers Challenges and approaches to flotation of seafloor massive sulfide ores Kosei Aikawa Hokkaido University
Mineral Processing & Benefication Frontiers Correlating Process Mineralogy and Pulp Chemistry for Quick Ore Variability Diagnosis. Bismark Amankwaa-kyeremeh University Of South Australia
Mineral Processing & Benefication Frontiers Comparative Study on Rougher Copper Recovery Prediction Using Selected Predictive Algorithms Bismark Amankwaa-kyeremeh University Of South Australia
Mineral Processing & Benefication Frontiers Effect of ions on monazite and goethite with sodium oleate and sodium silicate Moonchul Jung Western Australian School Of Mines
Mineral Processing & Benefication Frontiers Technospheric Mining of Cobalt from Nickel Slag: A study on Complexation Leaching Bona Lim Curtin University
Mineral Processing & Benefication Frontiers Mechanochemical Activation and Acid Leaching of Lithium from spodumene  Norman Lim Western Australia School Of Mines
Mineral Processing & Benefication Frontiers Differentiation of AG/SAG Mill Feed Particle Size Variations in Batch Milling Process Using Acoustic Emissions Kwaku Owusu University Of South Australia
Mineral Processing & Benefication Frontiers Influence of Lifter Height on Mill Acoustics and Performance Kwaku Owusu University Of South Australia
Mineral Processing & Benefication Frontiers Measuring Charge Motion from inside an operating SAG Mill Paul Shelley Molycop
Mineral Processing & Benefication Frontiers Do we have enough copper to decarbonise society? An overview of resources/production from porphyry ores/E-wastes Carlito Tabelin Unsw Sydney
New Mining Frontiers Designing mining robot for swarm robot fleet carrying out water extraction on the Moon Gal-Erdene Battsengel University Of Adelaide
New Mining Frontiers Regulating Space Mining: use a system that works Andrew Cannon A Cannon Consulting
New Mining Frontiers Development of a Martian Water Resource Project Management System Sophia Casanova Unsw Sydney
New Mining Frontiers Towards a European Lunar Materials Handling and Geotechnics Payload for measurements on the lunar surface David Cullen Cranfield University
New Mining Frontiers Integrating Space and Mining Engineering:
A System Engineering Perspective
Andrew Dempster Acser Unsw
New Mining Frontiers Creating the modern mine; Beyond 2025 at Prominent Hill Operations Gabrielle Iwanow OZ Minerals
New Mining Frontiers Research progress towards the unlocking of in-situ recovery Laura Kuhar CSIRO Mineral Resources
New Mining Frontiers New cave mining method for mining at great depths Tobias Ladinig Montanuniversitaet Leoben
New Mining Frontiers The European Space Resources Innovation Centre – ESRIC Bob Lamboray Luxembourg Space Agency
New Mining Frontiers Facilitating Commercial Lunar Water Ice Extraction: A Terrestrial Mining Perspective on Governance  Ben Mckeown UNSW
New Mining Frontiers Nature-inspired Ventilation System for Maintaining Optimal Temperature and Dust Control for Off-earth Geotechnical Structures  Ulfa Riani The University of Adelaide
New Mining Frontiers A view of future haulage. Russell Seib BHP
New Mining Frontiers High vacuum metallurgy: opportunities in lunar resource processing Matthew Shaw Swinburne University Of Technology
New Mining Frontiers Design and application of swarm robotics system using ABCO method for off-Earth mining Joven Tan The University Of Adelaide
New Mining Frontiers Picturing the future – Assessment of the excavation systems for lunar mining Chengguo Zhang Unsw Sydney
New Mining Frontiers Laboratory preparation of jointed rock-like specimens using 3D scanning and 3D printing techniques Jiaxuan Joshua Zhang University of New South Wales
New Mining Frontiers Determination of the Stability of Microtunnel Opening in Lunar Regolith and Low Gravity Conditions Joung Oh Unsw
Sustainability Hydrogen power for the mining industry Francois Aguey-Zinsou UNSW
Sustainability Digital Twins for Water Sustainability Colin Farrelly Indago Partners
Sustainability Hydro-Electrical Power Potentials in the Peruvian Mining Industry Yannick Feldmann RWTH Aachen University
Sustainability High density gravity separation circuits – A pathway to sustainable minerals beneficiation  Matthew Gill Mineral Technologies
Sustainability Sustainable Power Generation for Mining Operations with Natural Ester Technology Kin Yu Lam Cargill Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Ltd
Sustainability Coal to hydrogen: future of coal mining in Australia Hamed Lamei Ramandi UNSW Sydney
Sustainability Models to accelerate technology prioritisation and adoption for emission reduction outcomes in copper extraction.  Clare Larkin-Sykes Larkinsykes Advisory
Sustainability Global Digitalization Trends in Mining and their Impact on Aspects of Sustainability Rudrajit Mitra Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT), RWTH Aachen University
Sustainability Carbon Footprint Reduction with Continuous Mining Equipment Martin Schmid Rwe Technology International GmbH
Sustainability Optimisation of Underground Stope Production Scheduling in the Presence of Pre-Concentration Systems Farzad Sotoudeh University of Queensland
The Future Demands of Critical & Digital Minerals Virtual model construction and updating for a mining digital twin system: an over review Ruiyu Liang UNSW
The Future Demands of Critical & Digital Minerals Underground Roof Bolt Identification from 3D LiDAR Scanning Data Boge Liu The University Of New South Wales
The Future Demands of Critical & Digital Minerals Improving interpretation of seismic data using deep generative networks Rachel Xu Curtin University
  Mining Industry 4.0 and Lean Production Peter Knights The University Of Queensland

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