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Conference program

The 5th International Future Mining conference 2021 follows on from the very successful previous four conferences held in Sydney, NSW in 2008, 2011, 2015 & 2019.

The interest of our delegates persuaded us to organise this unique conference more often and therefore, the organising committee is very happy to announce that the 5th International Future Mining conference 2021 to be held on 6 – 8 December 2021 in Perth, Western Australia. We are very excited and fully energised to put together a great program aiming to discuss the needs to achieve cost competitive, safe, and environmentally responsible sustainable technology-integrated mining practices addressed through:

  • Automation in Mining
    • Equipment Automation (Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Artificial Intelligence, UAVs)
    • Technology Integration & Management
    • Process and Decision Automation (Smart Data Analysis, Mine Internet of Things)
  • Mineral Processing & Beneficiation Frontiers
  • New Mining Frontiers
    • Space Mining
    • Deep Sea Mining
    • Novel Mining Systems
  • Sustainability
    • Energy Efficiency to Resource Efficiency,
    • Hydrogen & Renewables in Mining,
    • Future Business Models and Circular Economy Approach in Mining,
    • Digital Transparency
    • Social License to Operate
    • Advanced Materials
  • The Future Demands of Critical & Digital Minerals
  • Future Skills
    • Mining Skills Gap
    • Future Education & Research
    • Young Professionals’ View of the Future Industry

Full conference program coming soon!

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