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Conference program

Conference program

Full program coming soon!

With 350+ full papers and extended abstracts accepted for presentation, the IMPCAP22 will feature an extensive technical program showcasing the latest innovations and thinking in the field of mineral processing.


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Conference themes


Industry challenges


  • Processing difficult-to-treat, complex and low-grade ores
  • Fine grinding concentrate and tailings with high clay content or alteration materials
  • Solid-liquid separation, especially of ultrafine slimes
  • Reducing energy and water consumption
  • Maximizing resource recovery and utilisation
  • Reducing capital and operating costs
  • Large volume tailings management
  • Legacy tailings closure and rehabilitation
  • Linking industry needs to research, ie, pathway to impact

Ensuring a sustainable future

  • Society’s future need for minerals and metals
  • Future sources of minerals and metals
  • Minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint
  • Impact of ethical consumerism on the industry supply chain
  • Licence to operate
  • Workforce of the future
  • The role of culture and adaptive leadership in change

Future Operations

  • In-situ mining, processing and recovery
  • Maximising separation at coarse particle sizes
  • Mine-to-mill integration
  • Modelling and “big data” utilisation
    • Performance optimisation via integrated systems modelling / simulation techniques
    • Machine learning techniques
    • Intelligent plants
  • Waste processing and sustainable operation
    • Tailings dewatering and alternative tailings management solutions
    • Tailings reprocessing, repurposing and management
    • Waste reduction
    • Water management and utilisation
  • Net zero emissions
  • Future mineral processing plants

Advances in Mineral Processing


  • Mineralogy and ore characterisation
  • Advanced ore sensing and bulk ore sensing
  • Process alignment with orebody characteristics
  • Applications and impact

Pre-concentration and waste rejection

  • Selective mining
  • Ore sorting
  • Gravity separation


  • Energy reduction
  • Maximising mineral liberation
  • New technologies

Physicochemical separation

  • Fundamentals of hydrophobic and colloidal interactions, eg, talc issues
  • Novel reagents and selectivity
  • Fine and coarse particle flotation
  • Selective flocculation and agglomeration

Physical separation

  • Gravity, centrifugal, dense medium, magnetic and electrical separation
  • Classification and desliming
  • Dry processing


  • New developments and applications

Solid-liquid separation

  • Dewatering and filtration
  • Centrifuge technology

Case studies

  • Successful advances and implementation
  • Partnering for impact

Please note:
Partnering for impact

The Advances in Mineral Processing stream will be seeking papers and presentations covering the journey from research to application – papers that do not address this journey are unlikely to be accepted.  The expectation is that papers will outline the industry challenge being addressed, whether about technical performance, selectivity, recovery, economics, environmental performance, safety or sustainability, and then proceed to show how the advance being reported is linked to improving one or more of these issues, including the pathway to implementation and the possible final impact.

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