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International Mine Ventilation Congress 2024

The heartbeat of mining
Sydney, Australia
11 - 15 August 2024


International Mine Ventilation Congress 2024

The heartbeat of mining Sydney, Australia 11 - 15 August 2024 #IMVC2024

Ventilation Engineering - The Heartbeat of Mining

The 12th International Mine Ventilation Congress (IMVC) will be held in Sydney, Australia, from 11—15 August 2024.

IMVC 2024 is an opportunity for the mine ventilation community to come together and discuss new technologies and developments with a view to improving and refining ventilation, refrigeration, cooling and health and safety in mines globally.

The IMVC series is the only global gathering of the mine ventilation engineering community and as such presents a unique chance to share knowledge and grow your professional network. We look forward to seeing you there.

Abstracts submissions

Call for abstracts for the International Mine Ventilation Congress 2024 are now closed.

Abstracts that are accepted by the conference organising committee will be subject to peer review. The selection criteria include relevance to the conference themes, accuracy and originality of ideas, significance of the contribution and quality of presentation.

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Welcome from the Conference Chair

The International Mine Ventilation Congress in collaboration with the University of New South Wales (UNSW), the Mine Ventilation Society of Australia (MVSA) and the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM), is pleased to announce the 12th Congress will be held in Sydney, Australia, from 11th to 15th August 2024.

The aim of the International Mine Ventilation Congress is to provide a platform for mine ventilation professionals to gather together as a community to promote improvements in mine ventilation engineering, and related aspects of safety and health. The focus of the 12th IMVC will be the sharing of knowledge that has been gained since the previous Congress and to discuss new and trending developments with a view to improving, developing and refining ventilation, refrigeration, cooling, and safety and health in mines globally.

The experience gained at the Congress will enhance the professional capability, knowledge and understanding of delegates in their own countries as well as provide opportunities for sharing and nurturing new members of the global mine ventilation fraternity. Future congresses in other countries will follow-up on how this interchange has assisted mines in improving ventilation, safety and health in those countries. Australia has a very strong underground mining industry producing a wide range of minerals from a wide range of mining methods. It has historically been a leading innovator in underground mining practices including underground mine ventilation. Its experience is often a unique blend of proven and emerging mining technologies.

The conference theme is “Ventilation Engineering - The Heartbeat of Mining”. This Congress series is the only truly global gathering of the mine ventilation engineering community and as such presents a unique opportunity to simultaneously promote safe ventilation practices and enhance the productivity and operational effectiveness of mines. It is also an essential opportunity for networking and making new contacts—and even new professional friends. By sharing and disseminating knowledge gained from mining operations and research around the world, our profession contributes to the production of essential raw materials which improves the standard of living, health and well-being of individuals and societies. This international Congress builds upon the success of the previous eleven IMVCs as well as the very successful bi-annual Australian Mine Ventilation Conference series.

The opportunity to host this international Congress is a result of the commitment made by the industry, suppliers, academia, research partners and industry associations who are providing their generous support to ensure a successful event. The need to share ventilation engineering knowledge is ever growing with safety and health challenges faced by all miners. Therefore, we as the IMVC 2024 Leadership Team, invite you to join us in Sydney, Australia for what will be a very high quality and uniquely positioned conference.

Dr. Bharath Belle
IMVC 2024 Congress Chair

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