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International Women's Day Event Series

Meet our Series Ambassadors

Meet our Series Ambassadors

Driving Positive Change Together.

As part of our International Women's Day Event Series, we are proud to introduce our 2024 Series Ambassadors, a group of exceptional women in mining dedicated to championing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the resources sector.
These remarkable women will collaborate to showcase their unique approaches to DEI, share personal achievements, and reveal their sources of motivation. They will be at the forefront of our International Women's Day campaign, actively shaping conversations and spearheading our collective efforts to drive positive change together. 

Mel Cooper

Positive change really starts with recognising the systems that are holding women back, and being brave enough to disrupt them. When you can’t do that just find the next right thing to do.

Julie Truss

Through empathy and inclusion, we will create workplaces that empower women to be their whole selves – sharing all of their skills and experiences. Leading in this way will inspire others to value, understand and celebrate women's inclusion.

Dr. Elham Hosseinzadehsabeti

Embracing this role is my commitment to fostering unity, amplifying diverse voices, and having conversations that can lead to positive change.

We're back!

Join us as we celebrate together this International Women's Day

Introducing our 2024 theme

Learn about our 2024 International Women's Day Event Series theme, "Driving Positive Change Together"!

2024 Event Series Partners

Dedicated to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion in the resources sector.

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