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Keynote speaker

Keynote speaker


Katrina Webb OAM

Paralympic Gold Medallist, Global Self Mastery and Whole Leadership Strategist

Adelaide I Thursday 10 March 2022

Katrina Webb’s early career saw her competing in the upper echelons of sport on a global stage. High performance, influence and inspired leadership have always been a part of her modus operandi. Today, these qualities have positioned her as an influential voice in the world of purposeful, inspired leadership.  

Katrina spent the early part of her career at The Australian Institute of Sport where she secured a netball scholarship and in a twist of fate was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Ironically this opened up the doors for her to pivot her career into the world of athletics. It wasn't long before she was battling it out for bronze, silver and gold medals across two Paralympic Games, Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000.

As a result of Katrina's experience as a Paralympian, she became a passionate advocate and ambassador for diversity and inclusion. She also embarked on a career in the speaking industry where she developed a passion for leadership transformations, unlocking high performance and decoding meaningful human motivation.

Since then, Katrina has graced the TEDx stage and has represented Australia at both the United Nations and as an ambassador for the International Paralympic Committee. She also continued her work as a physiotherapist and as the director of Silver 2 Gold High-Performance Solutions. She is also a profoundly passionate philanthropist raising funds for the health, education and protection of children in Nepal.

Today, Katrina is the Founding Director of 'New Day Leadership'. New Day is a platform and thought leadership brand with a mission to inspire leadership for the greater good in an age being redefined by rapid change, uncertainty and a return to community principles via purpose-driven business.

Katrina Webb appears by arrangement with Saxton Speakers Bureau

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Katrina Webb

Paralympic Gold Medallist, Leading Humanity, Global Self Mastery and Whole Leadership Strategist
Adelaide I Thursday 10 March 2022

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