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Why attend?

Why attend?

❝ At AusIMM we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive resources sector that fosters the support needed for every professional, regardless of gender, to succeed.❞

Championing diversity and inclusion

Building on the success of AusIMM's International Women's Day luncheons held over the past four years, the 2023 Event Series is set to further expand with over 2,000 women and men attending nationally. This is the biggest national event for resources that celebrates diversity and inclusion, drives meaningful change, and builds a culture of safety and respect.

Join us in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Brisbane from 3 - 10 March 2023 for a delicious celebratory luncheon and hear from a high-profile keynote speaker sharing her inspiring personal story that will empower you.

Prior to the Perth and Brisbane luncheons, attendees can take part in a new immersive Diversity and Inclusion workshop focusing on psychological safety, where leading experts will provide the tools needed to drive an inclusive culture.

Why attend?


Hear from esteemed keynote speakers sharing their inspirational personal stories


Celebrate the achievements of women and the progression towards a more diverse and inclusive sector


Network with senior leaders, talented women, and allies working in the resources industry


Showcase your organisation’s leadership as a supporter of diversity and inclusion


Take action in an immersive, hands-on workshop to improve the culture of your organisation

Join us


Show your commitment and support by joining us this Event Series in your nearest city, or online

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