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International Women's Day Event Series

Making History for Women in Mining | Denise Johnson

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Caterpillar's Resource Industries’ Group President, Denise Johnson is the first woman to be inducted into the American Mining Hall of Fame. 

The American Mining Hall of Fame was established in 1983 by the Mining and Minerals Education Foundation of the Southwest to honor significant contributors to the profession, and to provide a forum for better public understanding of the industry. Denise was unanimously selected by the Foundation as the 2022 inductee, becoming the first woman to receive the distinction.

Surrounded by her family, Denise accepted the award on behalf of the industry and acknowledged the significance of her nomination as a turning point for mining, noting advancements in diversity and inclusion. 

"I'm greatly honored to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. While I'm the first woman to receive this distinction, I know that I won't be the last. The mining industry is changing very quickly as more companies understand the value of diversity and inclusion in driving business results and making improvements. I see the mining industry really embracing the idea of more diversity." 

As part of the induction ceremony, attendees learned more about Denise’s professional and personal inspirations, featuring interviews with some of the people who helped shape her career. Watch Denise's inspiring induction video below:


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