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Meet CSIRO's inspiring Research Scientist who is breaking boundaries

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From game changing research to paving the way as a role model for ethnic groups, CSIRO’s Dr Suneeti Purohit is breaking boundaries and helping change the future of how we handle CO2 emissions. 

Suneeti was recruited by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, as a Research Scientist in 2020 from Swinburne University, where she collaborated with Professor Geoff Brooks in the field of decarbonising iron and steel production. Suneeti has subsequently progressed this research with CSIRO colleagues, with one patented concept (Lime Magnetite Pellets) increasingly looking to likely to offer significant CO2 emissions reduction potential.

Born in Kalahandi, a remote part of India, Suneeti was always drawn to science and understanding how things worked on a deeper level.   

“I think my interest in science began when I was 9 years old. One morning I was looking at myself in a spoon while eating my breakfast. My father noticed and pointed me towards a rock. He said that the shiny spoon I was eating with was made from a rock like that. As a child I was very surprised and interested to know how they made it. That moment drove me to study science.”

Suneeti moved from her village to the city when she was just 15 years old, where she eventually began her undergraduate studies.

“When I did my undergrad, the medium of communication at the University was in English. I had to attain English speaking classes to gain the confidence to speak English,” Suneeti says.

Determined to overcome the language barriers she can now speak four different languages.

Suneeti Purohit - CSIRO.jpgRole model Dr Suneeti completed her master’s and PhD in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in English, overcoming language barriers.

Suneeti is passionate about making a difference for future generations and inspiring other young people to enter STEM-based careers, regardless of their background. She believes it is important to create a safe and rewarding work culture that embraces everyone to be themselves and be recognised for their work.

“I believe you should feel as comfortable at your workplace as you are working from home. This is possible when your colleagues are compassionate, inclusive, and respectful.  Organisations across the world are trying to build a diverse workforce by creating new opportunities, but a crucial part is the sustainable retainment of that workforce. Once an organisation achieves that, new role models will be created for future generations to follow. I am proud to be a part of one such diverse and inclusive organisation as CSIRO,” Suneeti shares.

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