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Meet Justine Flynn

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AusIMM is excited to host our fifth International Women's Day Event Series in Brisbane in just 3 weeks! Celebrate the incredible accomplishments of women over a delicous lunch with drinks, and hear a powerful address by keynote speaker, Justine Flynn!

Justine is a co-founder and director of leading social enterprise Thankyou, an organisation that sells a consumer product that exists all for the end of extreme poverty. Her, and her husband Daniel, and their two kids live on the Sunshine Coast. 

Justine Flynn IWD

I am looking forward to speaking at the AusIMMS International Women’s Day Series in Brisbane this year. I will take you behind the curtain of our start-up journey and authentically share about the highs and lows we experienced pioneering to see a world without extreme poverty.

I believe that our world, our communities and our organisations face many complex challenges and our only hope of solving them is by bringing as many perspectives as possible to the table. Diversity and inclusion is about making sure we make space for every person at the table and that when they speak up, their voices are heard and valued no matter how different their perspectives may be.


Justine's address will challenge and inspire you to question the way things have always been done, so don't delay, get your tickets now | 10 March, 2023

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