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International Women's Day Event Series

Meet Virginia Haussegger AM

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We are excited to champion equity in mining and acknowledge the incredible accomplishments of women over a delicious lunch with drinks, and hear a powerful address by keynote speaker, Virginia Haussagger AM at AusIMM's International Women's Day Event Series in Sydney in 3 weeks!

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I am delighted to be joining a fabulous gathering of women and men for the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy’s 2023 International Women's Day (IWD) celebration.
What a perfect time to be talking about ‘Cracking the Code’. This year the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women is bringing together some of the world’s best gender equity thinkers and innovators to take a deep dive into understanding how we can better use technology and our digital advantage to help educate and empower women and girls across the globe.
As a peak body for the resources industry, representing over 100 communities across the globe, I cannot think of a more critical or pivotal organisation than AusIMM to be promoting the UN’s bold 2023 IWD ambition for gender equality and inclusion. What a powerful line up of speakers this year, with rich and challenging discussion ahead!
My 2023 IWD address will challenge you to think again about the role of equity and diversity in your own life and future. Are your ambitions bold enough? Big enough? And what’s courage got to do with it?
Every single one of us is pivotal in shaping better outcomes for women and girls, not only across the globe, but directly around us, in our own communities. By upending gender bias we energise a ripple effect and contribute to a momentum that is currently sweeping the world. We have the technology to build more caring, equitable and sustainable futures in which women are equally valued, educated, and empowered to live safe lives. We even have the code. We just need to work together to crack it open!
As a young TV journalist in my 20’s I thought all the work had been done by the women who came before me. Australia had produced the world’s first Sex Discrimination Laws and women had fought and won Equal Pay rights. But here we are in 2023 and yet gender diversity and inclusion at work, in politics, in public life, in the fields of media, science and technology, look nothing like I had excepted Australia would look by now.
I strongly believe genuine diversity and inclusion brings a much richer and deeper range of life experiences to the decision-making table, which always produces a smarter result. It also creates an environment where civility and respect for others becomes intuitive, and builds powerful bridges of communication and cooperation. It’s a place where an individual’s difference is revered rather than feared. Ultimately, diversity and inclusion lifts the game for all of us!

Don't delay, get your tickets for AusIMM's International Women's Day Sydney Event today and hear Virginia Haussagger's empowering keynote | 7 March, 2023

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