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Unpacking Newmont's Diversity and Inclusion initiatives

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We recently had the pleasure of visiting Newmont’s beautiful office in Perth to chat with Kim Solomons, Superintendent for Inclusion & Talent and Amanada Baker, Regional Vice President, Human Resources.

In this fascinating interview, Kim reveals where her curiosity for wellbeing began and unpacks her role as this year’s Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador for our International Women’s Day Event Series.

We also hear Amanda’s expert viewpoint on psychological safety, the importance of feeling free to speak up, and Newmont’s data-driven initiatives that are addressing issues and making real change.


Newmont is the Principal Partner for AusIMM's International Women's Day Event Series. For more inspiring inspiring initiatives, follow AusIMM on social media and the hashtag #CelebratingWomeninMining or catch up via our latest news!

Join us for our fifth national International Women's Day Event Series, 3-10 March for inspiring celebratory luncheons and workshops where we will continue the conversation on diversity and inclusion in the resources sector.
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