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Foster a culture of psychological safety

Diversity and Inclusion workshops

Perth and Brisbane
Foster a culture of psychological safety

Diversity and Inclusion workshops

Perth and Brisbane

AusIMM is offering a new immersive ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ workshop focusing on psychological safety prior to select luncheons during our International Womens Day Series

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre

Friday 03 March

Brisbane Sofitel Brisbane

Friday 10 March

Diversity and Inclusion workshop

9:00 am - 11:00 am


Arrival tea and coffee, and morning tea

Interactive and empowering workshops

AusIMM recognises the ongoing challenges the industry faces in terms of harassment, bullying and negatively impacting workplace behaviors . As an industry we are at a pivotal moment to drive meaningful change and build a culture of safety and respect.

Taking action this International Womens Day, our new Diversity and Inclusion workshop will offer attendees:

  • Perspectives on psychological safety, and what best practice looks like

  • Immersive bystander training with tools for action

  • Outstanding professional development for people working in any role

The workshop's learning outcomes will cover:

Fostering a culture of psychological safety

The first hour of the workshop will feature carefully selected experts to discuss the theme of psychological safety and how it can be implemented in the resources sector. Our panelists will cover a range of important discussion topics, including: 

  • What does good practice look like? 
  • Is psychological safety a Safety (HSE) responsibility or HR (People) responsibility?
  • The need to challenge the industry around this type of safety and where responsibility lies? 

An in-depth panel discussion will provide attendees the insights into where the industry is currently at in terms of psychological safety, and what more needs to be done. 

Immersive bystander training

The second hour of the workshop is a more personal experience for attendees, where they learn and understand the important role they can play as bystanders.

This will be an immersive learning experience facilitatd by both Curtain and Griffith Universities, delivering their MATE Bystander program that has been co-curated with AusIMM for our International Women's Day Event Series. Some topics that will be covered include: 

  • Why do we feel comfortable to call out physical safety but find psychological safety more difficult? What are the barriers?
  • What role can you as individual play as a bystander and examples of scenarios to apply different approaches / techniques 

Find more about Girffith Universities MATE program here.

Diversity and Inclusion workshop

We are taking expressions of interest for our Diversity and Inclusion workshop for our Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide events - Please indicate which city you are interested in attending

Why attend?

Our new Diversity and Inclusion workshop will give you the tools and resources to apply your learnings within your organisation, so together we can drive change for a diverse and inclusive culture.

Immersive experience

Be empowered and attend an unparalleled interactive workshop

Receive the tools

Up-skill and receive the tools for action with bystander training

Take action

Apply your learnings to become an active leader of change

Learn from industry experts

Hear from leading experts address culture within the resources sector

Panel discussion

Take part and have your say in a meaningful discussion

Professional development

Learn about psychological safety and what best practice looks like

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