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Best Paper Prize

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The conference committee are excited to announce that we are offering a Best Paper Prize at the Iron Ore Conference 2021. The committee have broken the call for abstracts topics down into six categories with a $1000 prize to the winning author/(s) in each group:

Geology and Characterisation
– Ore genesis
– Exploration and geology
– Geostatistics and ore reserve estimation
– Ore characterisation and geometallurgy

Mineral Processing
– Processing and beneficiation
– New equipment
– Tailings

Mining engineering including;
– Pit optimisation and scheduling
– Mine plan and operational optimisation
– Pit haulage optimisation
– ‘Greening’ the mining process|
– Collection and integration of data into a mining execution process
– Blasting optimisation
– Project development and optimisation case studies
– Logistics and utilities

Machinery and Data Analytics
– Automation and remote operation
– Big data and predictive analytics
– Machine learning

Technical marketing including;
– Forecasts and analysis
– Marketing and Product Evaluation
– Downstream processes

– Health, safety and environment
– Sustainability
– Licence to operate

Winning papers will be awarded at the conference. To be eligible to win, the paper must make it through the entire submission process (including presenting at the conference/online). The review criteria is listed below.

Abstracts will be rated on the following criteria:

  1. Is the abstract relevant to the conference themes?
  2. Is the abstract a new and original contribution?
  3. Has it been published/presented elsewhere?
  4. It should be non-commercial
  5. Is it likely to be an interesting presentation?

The papers will be rated on the following criteria;

  1. Is the paper a new and original contribution? Papers previously published will not be accepted unless sufficient changes have been made to differentiate it from the original.
  2. Is the paper well organised with an appropriate word length (no more than 8000 words)? The paper should make use of the template headings and should have a logical flow.
  3. Is the subject relevant to the industry.
  4. Importance of subject matter to the industry.

Abstract submissions close on the 12 February 2021. Authors will be notified of their submission status on the 8 March 2021.

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