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Iron Ore Conference 2023

Keynote speaker

Iron Ore Conference 2023

Keynote speaker

Christine Hass

Manager Strategic Airsheds
Department of Water and Environmental Regulation

Brief biography

Christine Hass is an accomplished scientist with a wealth of experience in environmental management, specifically focused on iron ore ports. Her diverse background in both industry and government roles makes her a valuable source of knowledge and practical insights.

Currently serving as the Manager Strategic Airsheds at the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, Christine's primary focus is on airshed management in Port Hedland. Her work is at the interface of environmental sustainability and economic growth.

Prior to her government role, Christine held a significant position as the Superintendent Environment for Rio Tinto's Pilbara Ports. This hands-on experience within the iron ore industry has provided her with a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by iron ore facilities. Her ability to develop effective solutions stems from this firsthand knowledge.

Beyond her expertise, Christine has a talent for communicating complex concepts in a relatable and accessible manner. She strives to engage and challenge her audience, ensuring that they walk away with a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Christine Hass' keynote presentation

Day 2 | Session 5 Plenary | 8.30am

Christine Hass' keynote presentation

Ambient air quality monitoring and the iron ore industry

This presentation describes approaches to dust monitoring in the context of iron ore handling facilities, particularly where dust emissions can impact nearby communities. The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation operates an ambient air quality monitoring network in Port Hedland. Data generated by the network are used to support evidence-based environmental regulation and provide information on air quality to the general public and industry stakeholders.

The presentation discusses the ‘fit for purpose’ design of air quality networks, their functions, and the holistic approach of airshed management.

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