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Iron Ore Conference 2023

Keynote speaker

Iron Ore Conference 2023

Keynote speaker

Paul Zulli

BE (Hons I), PhD, FTSE

Director, ARC Research Hub for Australian Steel Innovation (Steel Research Hub)


Paul Zulli is responsible for leading the second Steel Research Hub, which brings major domestic and global steel manufacturers, innovative SMEs and peak industry bodies, together with 9 outstanding Australian university partners.  Based at the University of Wollongong, this important engagement represents a very strong consortium to effectively progress steel innovation in Australia and to facilitate the industry’s transformation towards a resilient, environmentally sustainable and economically competitive position across the entire steel supply chain. Internationally recognised for expertise and publications in ironmaking research and technology development, Paul combines years of engineering, technical, research and executive management experience to help solve complex problems across various areas of steelmaking and ferrous minerals industries. He is an elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE).

Paul Zulli's keynote presentation

Day 2 | Session 5 Plenary | 8.30am

Paul Zulli's keynote presentation

Bespoke technological solutions for lowering emissions of capital-intensive steel plants

Decarbonisation technologies for steel production are at various stages of technical as well as commercial readiness.  Hence, the adoption of new, disruptive technologies across capital-intensive, steel plants depends on various factors including locality, available raw materials and energy sources, and market-driven requirements. The timing of investments is crucial.  Inevitably, bespoke technological solutions will be chosen for each steel plant. 

Technologically, there are two overarching pathways for low emission, steel production:  Smart Carbon Usage, involving the capture or better utilisation of carbon within the steel plant or externally (“circular economy” principles); and Direct Carbon Avoidance, essentially via the use of renewable energy, materials and/or hydrogen. 

Opportunities exist for both pathways, and depending on local conditions, both could be pursued simultaneously. These decarbonisation pathways will be examined, including as they pertain to local or national conditions.

The future of Australian Steel innovation

Read more about the work underway at the Steel Research Hub in a recent interview we conducted with Paul Zulli in anticipation for his upcoming keynote presentation at Iron Ore 2023. 

The article reviews how the Hub is effectively progressing steel innovation in Australian to facilitate the industry's transformation towards a resilient, environmentally sustainable and economically competitive position across the entire steel supply chain.

Read the article

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