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Keynote speaker

Keynote speaker


Professor G.J. 'Gus' Nathan

Director, Centre for Energy Technology
Professor (Mech. Eng.) University of Adelaide, 
Research Director, Heavy Industry Low-carbon Transition CRC

Gus Nathan is the inaugural Energy Professional of the Year from the Australian Institute of Energy, SA, a Fellow of the Combustion Institute, a recipient of an ARC Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award and an ATSE KH Sutherland medallist. He was the bid leader for, and is now the Research Director of, the national $215m Heavy Industry Low-carbon Transition Cooperative Research Centre. He previously led an ARENA-funded program to develop solar thermal technology to decarbonize the Bayer alumina process in partnership with Alcoa, Hatch and CSIRO, and an innovative hydrogen production technology in methane pyrolysis within the Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre. His work in iron ore processing includes development of iron-pellet kiln burners and iron ore beneficiation technologies. He also led the development of the fuel and combustion system for Sydney Olympic Relay Torch. He has published some 300 papers in international journals, 250 in peer reviewed conferences, 50 commissioned reports and 13 patents.

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