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Iron Ore Geometallurgy: Characterisation and Implications for Beneficiation Workshop

A half day workshop for geologists, process mineralogists, metallurgists and researchers who work in the iron ore industry.

Conducted by experts from CSIRO Mineral Resources, registrants will gain an overview of basic ore types and advanced characterisation techniques including core logging (hyperspectral, geochemical and petrophysical), multiscale 3D scanning (X-ray computed tomography), optical image analysis, XRD, SEM/EPMA mapping and electron-backscattered diffraction (EBSD). The second part of the workshop will focus on understanding the control of iron ore mineralogy and texture on beneficiation to remove impurities and the impact this can have on increasing value and productivity.


Mr James Manuel

James Manuel has a background in geology and secondary metallurgy. He has been involved in the ongoing development of ore classification systems for Australian and overseas iron ores and has developed a wide knowledge of world ore types, their mineralogical and textural characteristics and the links between these characteristics and downstream processing performance. James has led and contributed to a number of major ore deposit evaluation projects, including evaluation of low-grade potential resources via qualitative and quantitative mineralogical studies to improve the understanding of and optimise their upgrading performance. He is involved in ongoing fundamental studies into the nature and distribution of alumina and other impurities in goethitic ores and fundamentals of iron ore sintering.

Mr Venkat Nunna

Research Scientist
Venkat commenced in CSIRO as a Research Scientist in October 2009 and has more than 30 years of research experience in the process industries. Venkat completed a degree in science at Gulbarga University, India, majoring in Geology and a post-graduate qualification in Mineral Processing. He subsequently obtained a Masters degree in Process Metallurgy from Mangalore University, India. Formerly a member of NMDC Limited India, Venkat worked in the iron ore processing plant for 7 years and was involved in a variety of plant operation and development roles. He later moved into the research group at NMDC Limited in 1998 and was involved in batch and pilot plant testing activities where he headed up the beneficiation team. His specific areas of expertise include designing and developing cost-effective process flowsheets for the beneficiation of low-grade iron ores and troubleshooting beneficiation plant problems.

Dr Erick Ramanaidou

Commodity Research Leader
Erick is the Commodity Research Leader for iron ore and lateritic nickel. After completing a PhD in France and Brazil, Erick joined CSIRO in June 1989. Over the last 3 decades, Erick has been involved mainly in iron ore and lateritic nickel research and is recognised in Australia and overseas as an expert in iron ore and lateritic nickel exploration and characterisation. The development of a suite of multiscale analytical tools for the characterisation of iron ores and lateritic nickel has been Erick’s scientific ambition using chemical mapping, Raman and Reflectance spectroscopies. Erick has also a keen interest in dating goethite and hematite using U-Th-He for iron ore.
Workshop host




Half day workshop from 8:45am – 1:00pm


CSIRO Mineral Resources, Australian Research Resources Centre (ARRC)


Morning tea and lunch will be provided.


A USB containing all workshop materials will be provided to workshop participants.

Additional Information

For participants who elect to join the workshop virtually, a log-in link will be provided prior to the workshop.


AusIMM Member – $50
Non Member – $60

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