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Deadline for abstract submissions extended

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Due to overwhelming requests, we are pleased to announce the abstract submission deadlines for our Life of Mine Conference has been extended a further two weeks! Make sure to share your innovative ideas via our abstract portal by 6 February 2023 for your chance to present at Life of Mine 2023 in Brisbane, 2-4 August.  


There are six key themes for the 2023 technical conference:

1. Developing regional approaches: shifting from operating independently to collaboratively
  • Linking local rehabilitation to regional outcomes, including social impacts and opportunities
  • How State and Regional planning can drive long-term visions and encourage collaborative approaches
  • Post-mining land use as a contributor to a just transition
2. Innovative rehabilitation and closure solutions
  • Operational changes lead to better outcomes at closure
  • Incentivising innovation through valuation options
3. Embedding the circular economy into life-of-mine planning
  • The challenges of forecasting: How do we identify opportunities when we cannot predict needs in 20-40 years?
  • Responsibly extending life of mine with the re-processing of previous waste landforms
4. Decarbonising mine operations, from concept to closure
  • Integrating decarbonisation into mine plans
  • Integrating climate resilience and climate actions into mine plans
  • Post-mining land use as a contributor to decarbonisation
  • Defining and deriving carbon capture benefits from mine rehabilitation
5. Integrated sustainability planning
  • Cross-functional efforts to deliver integrated sustainability outcomes
  • Valuation options : “beyond NPV”
  • Integrating strategic water management solutions into life of mine operations
  • Opportunities for biodiversity investments and incentivising biodiversity offsets
6. Effective regulatory frameworks for mine life and beyond

Click here to see abstract guidelines, or submit via abstract portal below.

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