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Abstract submissions have reopened!

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We are pleased to announce that the call for abstracts has reopened for the Life of Mine Conference 2021!

We currently have a quorum of abstracts but are inviting additional submissions to contribute to the discussion and share research, examples and case studies of applying interdisciplinary approaches that enhance outcomes, increase efficiencies and improve effectiveness to address current and future challenges facing the industry.

Conference themes include:
  • Achieving better environmental performance through integrated mine planning
  • Utilising innovation to enhance sustainability outcomes
  • Incorporating societal & community dimensions into design, operation and rehabilitation
  • Strategies and planning for improving rehabilitation and closure outcomes
  • Influences of global trends on the future of the industry
  • Application of technologies to extend mine life and deliver beneficial and sustainable mine outcomes
  • Practical methodologies and applications resulting in successful closure outcomes
  • Transformational approaches to produce viable post-mining economies

Submit your abstract here

Authors who previously submitted abstracts for the Life of Mine Conference 2020 can update their abstracts or resubmit before the submission deadline.

The abstract submission deadline is Monday 5 October

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