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Fast Five with Dr Marit Kragt

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We recently spoke with Dr Marit Kragt about her successful and highly relevant abstract submission for the 2021 Life of Mine Conference, "Identifying industry practice, barriers, and opportunities for mine rehabilitation completion criteria in Western Australia".


Dr Marit Kragt, Associate Professor at the Centre for Agricultural Economics and Development, UWA School of Agriculture and Environment, shares her tips for those wanting to submit their research as an abstract.

Where did you present your abstract?

AusIMM's Life of Mine Conference 2021.

Why did you decide to submit an abstract?

I wanted to present our industry-relevant work to stakeholders so that our research can have an impact on the industry.

What is the best thing about submitting an abstract?

The useful feedback received on the abstract. 

What is your top reason for presenting?

I want my research to have an impact and help improve industry operations

Do you have any advice for those submitting an abstract?

Start preparing the abstract on time, because reducing your research to 250-300 words can be challenging.

If you want to have an impact and help improve industry operations for mines, why not submit an abstract and present at the Life of Mine Conference 2023

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