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Keynote speaker

Keynote speaker

Dr Francis Wedin


Founder and CEO, Vulcan Energy Resources

Dr Wedin is focused on enabling decarbonisation opportunities by leveraging his expertise in mineral resources and renewable energy. Dr Wedin is the founder and CEO of Vulcan Energy Resources, the world’s first and only Zero Carbon Lithium™ company. Vulcan was formed to be a combined renewable energy and lithium chemicals company, aiming to produce lithium hydroxide from its large geothermal-lithium resource in the Upper Rhine Valley in Central Europe, with a zero-carbon footprint. Dr Wedin led Vulcan from a start-up in early 2018 to an ASX-listed development company with circa $800m market capitalisation, with substantial support from large ESG-focused institutional investors in a recent $120m equity capital raise, as it progresses towards targeted first production date of 2024.

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