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Innovation Award Winner, Zac Hearne, on presenting at MetPlant

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We chatted to past MetPlant presenter and Innovation Award Winner, Zac Hearne, on his experience showcasing his abstract at Metplant 2019. Zac is currently a Processing Superintendent at IGO, and reflects on how winning the Innovation Award and presenting on a global platform accelerated his career.

How did it feel being the recipient of the Innovation Award at MetPlant 2019? How has this impacted your career to date?

Being the recipient of the MetPlant 2019 Innovation Award was a humbling experience. The award was great recognition of the efforts by the team in deriving incremental improvements to mill performance.

The opportunity to showcase the team’s skills in a professional forum laid the foundation for my co-authors for an exciting career change from employee to employer. Gaining not only recognition but also interest in the professional work they do has been invaluable to creating opportunities to apply those same skills and more across the mining industry.

Can you tell us more about your presentation that won you the Innovation Award? What was your favourite element of the presentation to highlight to delegates?

The presentation focused on the continuous and breakthrough improvements in copper circuit recovery through iterative changes in process control philosophy. The highlight of the presentation was visually communicating the statistical significance of the breakthrough change in circuit performance.

Having to present to a diverse group of people with different technical backgrounds forces you to take a step back from your work and re-illustrate the results so that people without direct experience in the subject matter can easily digest the content. This is a valuable skill that all professionals should learn as it strengthens inter-departmental teams and even co-operation with other industries.

Do you have any advice for others considering submitting an abstract for the MetPlant Conference in 2023?

Submitting an abstract for the MetPlant Conference 2023 is a good opportunity to showcase examples of mining and mineral processing sustainability through continuous improvements in mine and mill design and operation to ultimately derive greater value from existing resources.

Going through the submission process aids in sharpening your technical report writing and communication skills and this opportunity should be seized when it comes along.

What were some of your key highlights of presenting at MetPlant? Would you recommend it to others?

Some of the key highlights included the opportunity to present the findings of the breakthrough work achieved at the time, to meet with industry peers in a face-to-face forum, and to derive learnings from the work published by industry peers.

The discussions held on the body of work after the presentation added perspective and different viewpoints to the application of the work that could be utilised in future undertakings. Learning and debating with peers is also an excellent way to cross pollinate ideas in the industry. As such, I would highly recommend taking the opportunity to present at the 2023 MetPlant Conference.


If you're interested in submitting an abstract for AusIMM's MetPlant Conference 2023, click here

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