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Why attend?

Now in its 16th iteration, AusIMM’s Mill Operators Conference is an acclaimed industry event that brings together metallurgists, geometallurgists, engineers, leaders, executives and other industry professionals to discuss advancing best practice, emerging technologies and global factors impacting mill operations.

World class program

AusIMM is a global leader in delivering technical conferences that showcase leading best practice, international expertise and cutting-edge technologies.

Enhance your knowledge

Hear from world renowned speakers and industry experts, interactive panel discussions and authors presenting peer-reviewed technical papers.

Expand your network

Engage with industry leaders, professional colleagues and international companies to expand your industry connections.

Professional development hours

Attend the conference technical presentations, workshops and technical tours to earn professional development (PD) hours.

Explore Perth

Enjoy time in the beautiful city of Perth with world class beaches, scenic parks, creative restaurants, cool bars and curated street art.

Who's attending?


  • Executives and directors
  • Senior mining professionals
  • Managers
  • Industry professionals


Where from?

The Mill Operators Conference 2024 is expected to attract 600+ delegates generating a truly global audience. This conference will reach more international delegates and regional Australians, than ever before.


Conference news

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