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Five minutes with Mill Operators Conference keynote speaker Greg Lane FAusIMM

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In the lead up to the highly anticipated Mill Operators Conference in June 2021, we sat down with Greg Lane, keynote speaker and Ausenco’s Chief Technical Officer, to discuss the importance of professional development for metallurgists and process engineers, and insights he plans to share at the conference.

As Chief Technical Officer, Greg Lane manages programs underpinning ingenious solutions for minerals processing. He has over 30 years’ experience in operation, engineering, design, study and project management, with industry-leading knowledge of concentrator design, particularly comminution and flotation circuit design.

Greg’s keynote presentation will provide guidance on different work environments for metallurgists and process engineers and will cover operations, design and research and development. As each of these roles requires a particular skillset and mindset, Greg will discuss how making the transition between roles is best managed with an open perspective, in order to best deal with surprises and complex challenges.

As the industry continues to focus on the future, Greg’s keynote will talk about how advanced technologies such as automation will cover bulk ore sorting, coarser particle flotation and more efficient comminution machines.

‘Automation provides consistency, and the ability to gather and analyse data to improve performance. Success requires thorough maintenance of the instrumentation and systems that support automated systems so the focus changes from “operation” to “maintenance”.’

Greg’s presentation will also cover the soft skills needed to be a successful technical professional. Managing and motivating people in mineral processing is an asset, with Greg identifying the importance of ‘building trust and confidence with your colleagues and clients.’ As some challenges are technical, there is usually a scientific process available to find a solution; however, Greg mentions the importance of working well with others includes wearing many hats. ‘A good practitioner is a psychologist, influencer, salesperson and economist.’

Greg also urges young professionals to take part in the Mill Operators Conference and embrace the opportunity to learn and connect with senior practitioners. When it comes to applying learnings from the conference back to the workplace, Greg offers this advice: ‘Be prepared to listen and learn, constructively challenge your peers to seek better ways of doing things, and find a role that suits your personality.’

The Mill Operators Conference is a brilliant platform for everyone to broaden their knowledge and skills, and increase your expertise on all areas of plant operations practices and management.

For more information about Greg Lane and the conference visit the Mill Operators website.

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