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Russell Mineral Equipment to deliver automated mill relining technology at AusIMM’s Mill Operators Conference 2021

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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Russell Mineral Equipment (RME) will showcase world first advances in automated mill relining technology at AusIMM’s Mill Operators Conference 2021.

With the demand for metals accelerating, minerals processing needs to be more efficient, predictable, and most of all, safe. Stoppages for maintenance have consequences for concentrator availability and mine site profitability, due to production losses incurred when the mill is offline. The necessary process of mill relining is on this critical path, representing a niche opportunity for mine sites to unlock further economic value from greater throughput.

RME’s response to this challenge is an evolution of the renowned RME Mill Relining System to now incorporate autonomous mill relining technologies which not only offer world-first safety uplift but simultaneously increase productivity. RME INSIDEOUT Technology facilitates the elimination of fatal risk in relining and the promise of fastest-ever reline times, removing people from hazardous risk inside the mill.

THUNDERBOLT SKYWAY is a pioneering complement to RME INSIDEOUT Technology. As the world’s first semi-automated suspension, guidance and firing system for THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers, when combined with the robotic RUSSELL 7 AutoMotion Mill Relining Machine, mill operators can experience the ultimate in reline efficiency, predictability and safety. Results from some of the first commercial uses of THUNDERBOLT SKYWAY, will be the focus of a presentation by RME’s Group Manager, Research & Development during Session 8 – Comminution 2 of the conference program.

Mill Operators attendees can also get up close and personal with the brand new THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM 2000 Recoilless Hammer on RME’s Stand #34. Precision-engineered for mill reline operators, MAGNUM raises the bar in terms of performance, power and productivity combined with best-in-industry equipment reliability and safety.

RME looks forward to seeing you at Mill Operators 2021.

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